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Glean Insights Into Creative Problem-Solving Based on Global Ground-Breaking Research At The #ModernMarketingTrendCamp

Mohammed ‘Mo’ Jogie, Strategy and Design at MSD.

The #ModernMarketingTrendCamp will take place on 11 and 12 September 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre, where industry experts will cover branding, new-age marketing, technology and campaigns across the branding, advertising and marketing industries. 

#ModernMarketingTrendcamp speaker, Mohammed ‘Mo’ Jogie, Strategy and Design at MSD, will illustrate how award-winning solutions to business problems see the light of day. He will also show a creativity sprint that is interactive, fun and insightful and glean insights into creative problem solving with the help of ground-breaking research from around the world.

Jogie is an artist, designer and activist who studies fine art, graphic design and multi-media and focusses on design that is sustainable, and user-centric. He works for a number of multi-nationals and continues to serve on local and international design associations. 

Entrance to the TrendCamp is free. For more information and to register, click here.


Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Increase Brand Awareness And Sales

Gilbert Kumpukwe, Senior Campaign Manager at Version Eight.

Gilbert Kumpukwe, Senior Campaign Manager at Version Eight, will discuss effective digital marketing strategies that increase brand awareness and sales at the upcoming #ModernMarketingTrendCamp, taking place on 11 and 12 September 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre.

Kumpukwe will describe the art behind the product recognition degree by consumers through brand management and strategy development, considering consumer behaviour and finally managing the advertisement of the brand.

Kumpukwe has occupied various roles such as Social Media Community Manager, Search Engine Optimiser (SEO) and Lead Generation Specialist, where he manages multiple campaign brands as campaign manager for multiple clients. He has experience in working with small businesses, start-ups and agencies with a deep-rooted understanding of business growth through effective digital branding and marketing.

Entrance to the TrendCamp is free. For more information and to register, click here.


Calling All Creatives: Start A Design Riot With The Roland Design Competition

Roland needs your art for their latest design competition, where it will be used to create a positive and more upbeat society over the coming year. The design competition is open to any artist. Creatives have until midnight on 8 September to submit their designs. 

The company is offering R50,000 for you to light your fellow creatives’ spirit and celebrate Roland’s 32 years of liberating creatives to take charge of their destiny – hereby improving all our lives with their selfless beauty.

First prize: R30,000 cash.
Second prize: R15,000 cash.
Third prize: R5000 cash.


Roland will need a design that can be used for web banners and other collateral like T-shirt designs, print and cut stickers, billboards or A1 posters, etc. The logo and theme needs to be designed around and embody the theme: ‘Born Free…Stay Free! Live Free or Die.’ We refuse to wilt under ugliness, using beauty and love as our weapon of choice.

The brief is purposely open – but to help a little, Roland is looking for a visual design that can sum up Freedom and Creativity. A saying or word, a logo, a design that will inspire others when they see it. Creativity is limitless and open to possibility, let your creativity flow. It will be used to excite the creatives out there to leap their boundaries, stretch their limits to explore, create, design and discover what it means to truly be creative.

Artwork will need to be easily reproduced for online digital promotion and for printing and branding. Design your logo element in a way that it can be branded easily.

Keep the following elements in mind as inspiration for your logo and art:

Keep raising the bar, don’t be satisfied with the status quo and constantly invite new ideas and new players. Membership is automatic, you make a difference, you are one of us, no dues other than shocking us with your beautiful innovations and upping your standards of quality and perfection. A community of beautiful creations, that shock stun and make us marvel at the beauty that lives in the next person. Don’t tell us the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

We inspire each other in a never-ending race, displacing each other in our quest for adding greater value to society. Today we might be second best, tomorrow we know we might be the best – the quest is never-ending. No directors, committees, nannies or politicians needed, our passion is society’s benefactor. Those who want to exercise power over us should seek less passionate folk to mess with.

‘People unfit for freedom — who cannot do much with it — are hungry for power. The desire for freedom says, ‘leave me alone and I shall grow, learn, and realise my capacities.’ -Erick Hoffer.

‘No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life, and breeds ill will and suspicion — it is an evil government.’ -Erick Hoffer.

Competition rules:

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

Late entries will automatically be disqualified. Deadline is midnight on 8 September.

All artwork submitted can be used as design elements and become property of Telpro management (Pty) Ltd.

For more information, and to enter, visit: https://rolandinspired.com

Roland DG
Tel: (+27 11) 875 9300

Gawk Showcasing TRIGA Range For Professional Retail Activation At The Modern Marketing Expo

Gawk Visual Engineers will showcase how TRIGA DISPLAYS pushes the boundaries with classy, premium branding, display, exhibition and shop-fitting solutions at the upcoming Modern Marketing Expo, taking place on 11 and 12 September 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre. 

The TRIGA range is engineered and patented in South Africa and backed by world-class design, technical innovation and expertise. TRIGA fabric displays are tool-less, quick to assemble, lightweight, seamless, space-saving, modular and eco-friendly. 

Retail activations require speed and efficiency and with TRIGA Go, setting up a kiosk has never been quicker. TRIGA Go fabric displays have a seamless, trendy finish and solid design. Graphics can be showcased in single or double-sided single configurations and you can construct totems, walls, counters or even a complete booth in no time and without excess staff. 

TRIGA is truly a display solution for life and the range of accessories as well as mix and match componentry means applications and design creativity are almost limitless.

+27 (0) 87 80 25493

Home Improvement Retailer Leroy Merlin Announces New Store As Part Of R1 Billion Investment In SA

Leroy Merlin is showing its commitment to the South African economy and sees great opportunities to expand and grow the business here. The company has recently opened a second store in Little Falls, Roodepoort in Johannesburg, and has two more stores in the pipeline. They project that by 2020, they will have a total of four stores, whose investment amounts to R1 billion.

The new store strikes the same chord of excellence in the physical in-store experience, the digital experience and in-between: the ‘phygital.’ Leroy Merlin Little Falls has large showrooms that will inspire people in their quests to turn their homes into delightful spaces they can enjoy with their loved ones. Instructional illustrations throughout the store help people better understand what products to choose and how to install them. The digital experience is centred on making customers’ lives easier. 

The 45,000sqm campus store is nestled within easy reach of neighbourhoods and businesses in the Roodepoort area. The sales floor is 9000sqm and offers the widest selection of construction, hardware, tools, kitchen, bathroom, home décor and garden products. 30% of the store’s entire range is sourced from the Leroy Merlin supply chain in France. 70% of stock is locally sourced: 30% from international brands that have South African operations and 40% produced and manufactured locally.

The online store reflects all the products in the store – as shelves are stocked, the online store is updated with quantities. When buying online, customers can opt for click-and-collect within two hours or express delivery to any part of the country. This gives people outside of Johannesburg access to a great range of products. 

Cedric Sennepin, CEO of Leroy Merlin South Africa said, ’South Africans love their homes and are constantly doing improvements, from facelift renovations to complete structural changes. We uncovered the extent to which that passion influences their hardware purchase behaviour before setting up our first store in Greenstone in 2017. Ordinary South Africans welcomed us into their homes and through over 600 home visits countrywide, we learnt people’s needs and the existing gap in hardware retail. It was the most insightful research; we listened as people talked us through their aspirations for their homes and their hardware retail experiences.’

‘Opening this second store in Little Falls is testament that we are indeed meeting the needs of the South African homeowner and that is the core of the hardware retail business. It is also proof of our commitment to the South African economy, and that we see great opportunities to expand and grow the Leroy Merlin business here. We have two more stores in our pipeline, and we project that by 2020, we will have a total of four stores whose investment amounts to R1 billion,’ concluded Sennepin.

The store features a Drive-Thru Building Yard for customers who are looking for a quick in-and-out experience when purchasing construction material. This section spans 4700sqm and from it, customers can pull up with their vehicles, select and load products they need, and pay up at the counter as they exit. This saves time without compromising on service levels. 


ROOTS 2019 Reports Appliances And Electronics Shopping Are Popular Amongst Women

Having conducted in-depth interviews with over 18,200 women from a diverse range of communities, SPARK Media’s ROOTS 2019 found that appliance and electronics shopping has increased by almost 50% over the past three years.

An upward growth trajectory since 2016

Large appliances

  2016 2019
National average 22% 47%
Highest area 50% Mamelodi, PTA 78% Athlone, CPT
Lowest area 1% Sea Point/Camps Bay & Knysna 11% Moot, PTA

Small appliances

  2016 2019
National average 36% 60%
Highest area 68% Mamelodi, PTA 83% White River
Lowest area 1% Knysna 28% Constantia/Hout Bay, CPT

Computers & accessories

  2016 2019
National average 10% 31%
Highest area 27% Overport, DBN 72% Midrand
Lowest area 0% Alberton & Mamelodi 7% Protea Soweto

The more finely grained the data, the more valuable the insights

These findings also underscore that while national statistics might paint an informative picture at the macro-level, it’s the area by area focus that holds significant insights into how women are living, what their needs are and what they’re willing to spend money on.

Residential living circumstances impact considerably on appliance and electronics purchases

For example, Midrand has seen a boom in apartment residency rates, with much of the property appealing to young professionals sharing accommodation to lessen the burden of rent.

These individuals prioritise smaller sized appliances and home electronics to maximise space savings. Compact and portable devices are preferred. A large family that shares a space in Soweto, by contrast, determines size primarily by the amount of people the appliance needs to serve on a regular basis.

Life span of products

Another significant consideration when trying to predict possible spending patterns is confidence in future income and employment. In economically uncertain times, electronics and appliances are increasingly looked at as longer-term investments.

Fostering a new buying culture

The 2019 sample is one that has become accustomed to Black Friday, which only started gaining traction in 2016. It is plausible that the annual sale has fostered a new buying culture: i.e. a tangible goal that comes round once a year and can be saved towards.


Why Brands With Relatively Small Budgets Should Consider TV Advertising

While brands are already starting to plan their Black Friday TV campaigns, DCMN South Africa’s Offline Manager, Shireen Warner, debunks a few myths about TV advertising and why brands can and should use it as a performance medium, even if they don’t have big budgets to spend.

Q&A with Warner

Most brands believe that TV advertising is only for brand building campaigns and cannot be used for performance marketing. Is this true?

With the tools we have nowadays to effectively measure the impact of a single TV spot on leads (TV attribution software), this is no longer the case. If your business has an e-commerce platform, we can tell you whether that Carte Blanche spot holds the value you think it does. TV has a role as a brand-building medium but that is not its sole function anymore. Utilising your longer durations to establish your brand and convey product messaging is absolutely required but, the question you should be asking is ‘when can I start spending less money and seeing actual returns?’ Companies like DCMN have the ability to measure the response to your brand ads and start building performance campaigns with lower cost values.

Shireen Warner, Offline manager at DCMN South Africa.

Should only brands who can afford to advertise during prime time be advertising on TV?

No. we have found that with the change of media consumption, across multiple platforms and devices, the traditional view that a brand needs to be in prime time to make an impact, isn’t always the case anymore. We have experienced that with several of our clients, higher site visits and leads are generated during daytime spots. This simple but powerful finding means that brands can reach their leads target on a smaller TV budget simply because we can now make data-driven media decisions.

Do you have clients that benefit from advertising outside of prime time?

We have smaller clients that don’t have ‘big brand’ budgets but are on TV and are seeing the results. Advertising in off peak slots are very cost efficient and are effectively delivering site visits and leads. When the data says that advertising during 9am to 12pm on a Monday, on a niche channel, will give you 13 leads for spending R5000 on TV, would you still follow your gut or rather respond to and apply the data?

Can a brand with a relatively small budget really advertise on TV? And how will they know whether it is effective or not?

Yes. If an e-commerce client has not been on TV because they don’t think they have the budget to do so, they should consider doing a test campaign over a period of two weeks. The leads generated by that campaign will not only show the success of the campaign but will also give them insight into their consumer and a data supported strategy moving forward. Spending less money on a media campaign because you’re a start-up or a small brand doesn’t mean you compromise the values of the outcomes. Every rand, whether from small or large budget, has the same value! You just have an informed choice on how to use it smarter.

Black Friday is around the corner (in the world of advertising at least). How can brands make sure that they make the most of TV advertising during this time?

There is so much media clutter to consider when planning Black Friday advertising. Brands have seen amazing results from Black Friday advertising, but did their TV ads really drive the site traffic or was it the general Black Friday frenzy? Every brand is looking for that bold, stand out, impactful TV advert that is going to set them apart from the rest. But how much impact can you make with your 30 second advert when you’re one of 11 ads flighted during a break in a prime time show? Brands will only know the real impact their campaign had if they use TV attribution software to track the performance of the 2019 campaign to help them make data driven decisions for the 2020 campaign (or any other campaigns that run in between).

DCMN South Africa www.dcmn.com

Primedia Outdoor Partners With Newly Revamped Fourways Mall

Primedia Outdoor is a media partner of Fourways Mall, which unveiled their newly renovated and expanded premises.

The Expansion project of Fourways Mall has added 8000 parking bays and 100,000 square metres of space across all levels to accommodate the estimated 1,2million shoppers a month. The total retail space is now 178,000 square metres and includes anchor tenants such as Game, Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay, and Dis-Chem. 

Primedia Outdoor has increased its static and digital media offering, which provides advertisers unique opportunities for optimal exposure throughout the mall. Static formats such as escalator branding, lift door branding, hanging banners and interior billboards are strategically placed at key shopping nodes which offers brand dominance, high impact and ultimately captivates the attention of consumers along their shopping journey.


Profitability Comes With Prioritising The Brand

Andy Rice, Brand strategist and advertising commentator.

Brand strategist and advertising commentator, Andy Rice, says that for too long, marketing hasn’t been seen as an integral part of business. So just how do marketers prove to their CEO’s that putting the brand first is profitable?

‘Take a brand-centric international example like Apple. They’re a company that values their brand, which is all about unleashing personal potential and enabling communication, before gigabytes and gigahertz. They put their marketing at the centre of what they do, and this gives them a competitive edge,’ said Rice, who is the opening speaker at the Nedbank IMC Conference 2020.

‘Having a genuine brand purpose will pay off. An example closer to home would be Dove. They changed their focus years ago to a company that was all about redefining beauty for real women. There was a clear sense of what they stood for and their market share shows that if you put marketing at the centre of an organisation, you will see a return,’ said Rice.

Rice said that for too long marketing hasn’t been seen as an integral part of business. ‘Companies have tended to be operations, logistics or finance centric with very few putting their brand first. It takes a real visionary and entrepreneurial spirit to lead a company that is brand-centric, meaning they genuinely put the brand first from day one.’ 

Also presenting at the conference, Mathe Okaba, CEO for the Association for Communication and Advertising, feels that marketing has also been seen as a cost centre by the business for eons. ‘Marketers weren’t validating the profession by indicating their business acumen and agility. CEO’s want to see marketing’s impact on the bottom line. Marketers need to demonstrate to them that marketing delivers.’ 

‘Imagine a world where the production line is over stimulated, but no one knows about the brilliant product being produced. You’ll have a pile of stock, wasted resources and absolutely no awareness. Marketing is an important lever that pushes the stock off the shelves and brings money in,’ Okaba added.

‘A marketing strategy driven by your brand’s purpose should be the first item on the Board meeting agenda. At the Nedbank IMC 2020, happening on 19 March at The Galleria in Sandton, our line-up of 20 top speakers will be showing that marketing works. If you work it,’ concluded Dale Hefer, CEO of the IMC.

The Nedbank IMC 2020 with early bird tickets available right now, click here to book your spot.


Optimise Your Brand Campaign With Google

Renier Meyer, Account Strategist, Google Premier Partner - iLEAD et al.

Renier Meyer, Account Strategist Google Premier Partner – iLEAD et al, will focus on how you can optimise your brand campaign with Google at the upcoming #ModernMarketingTrendCamp, taking place on 11 and 12 September 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre.

‘I have been actively involved in the digital marketing space for the last ten years and was fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest local brands over the years. I have a passion for developing unique strategies to help clients achieve their goals and finding new and smart ways to get the right product or service to the right customer,’ said Meyer.

Entrance to the Trend Camp is free. For more information and to register, click here.

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