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Grey Africa And Romance Films Launch Savanna TV Commercial

Grey Africa And Romance Films Launch Savanna TV Commercial

Over the past year, Savanna has taken on many human truths with a crisp and witty perspective. The introduction of Siyavanna South Africa – ‘We get you; we are on the same page’ – has enabled Savanna to effortlessly tap into everyday situations and bring them to life.

Introducing its latest television commercial, My friend, Savanna is tackling the #MyFriendZone. Not the one you are probably thinking about – the other kind: the multiple friends South Africans tend to make going around their daily business. Each person becomes your friend, buddy, bafo, nja yam, bru or chana. This is all good and well but one crucial question never gets asked: ‘What is your name?’

‘People connect with ads that make them feel something, and subtle clever humour that makes you think is one of the surest ways to cause an emotive response. As South Africans, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so humour is our superpower,’ explained Steph van Niekerk, Creative Director at Grey Advertising.

The ad was shot on location by legendary director, Greg Gray of Romance Films. Gray has worked with the brand since its inception in 1996, an unusual long-term relationship in a world where nothing is a constant. ‘We love South Africa and its people, but what we love even more is observing national quirks. That was our aim at Romance Films, to capture the nuances that make you giggle as the penny drops and you remember how many Savanna and Grey Africa/WPP Liquid friends you have,’ said Gray.


OLC Scores Top Marks In The MEA Awards 2020

OLC Scores Top Marks In The MEA Awards 2020
Garon Bloom and Jerome Cohen, Offlimit Communications.

Offlimit Communications (OLC) has been awarded as Africa’s leading through-the-line agency at the recent 2020 MEA Business Awards hosted by MEA Markets.

‘We pride ourselves in our business philosophy to always ‘do work that matters’. 2020 was an exceptionally challenging year and in true OLC fashion, we never cower when we face a challenge. We carry a strong and determined team whose can-do attitude, resilience and hard work has paid off. The award is a true testament of the agency that we are and the work that we are proud to deliver to all our client partnerships,’ said OLC CEO Jérôme Cohen.

Offlimit Communications was previously named as a nominee for Africa’s Leading Through-The-Line Agency in 2018. This is the agency’s first win at the MEA Business Awards. Business partners Cohen, Garon Bloom, Lisa Alton and Shereen Palmer cited that the win would not have possible without the support of their client partnerships who challenge OLC consistently to deliver award-winning work.

‘The MEA Awards are not an easy feat. To move successfully from nominee to awardee, there must be evidence of expertise within a given field, dedication to customer service and ongoing commitment to excellence. OLC embodies all those high qualities. To be named as Africa’s Leading Through-The-Line Agency and to be finally recognised by MEA Markets for our client-first efforts is truly a rewarding way to see 2020 out,’ concluded OLC managing director, Garon Bloom.


Tata Consultancy Services Announces New ‘Building on Belief’ Brand Statement

Tata Consultancy Services Announces New

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has embarked on a new brand direction to power its next horizon of transformation-led growth. ‘Building on Belief’ articulates its mission and relationship with customers as it embarks on its next decade of this growth.

The new brand vision encapsulates the active and collaborative role that TCS plays in partnering with customers over the long term, leveraging its contextual knowledge, investments in research and innovation, and technology expertise to help them grow and achieve their purpose-led transformation goals. It also reflects TCS’ belief that it, along with its customers, can harness collective knowledge to innovate in ways that result in better futures for individuals, communities and the planet.

‘Every innovation and every transformational journey begins with the belief that it will make the world better,’ said Rajesh Gopinathan, MD & CEO, TCS. ‘We are partnering with our customers in realising that belief as well as their purpose. It is who we are as an organisation and reflects our bold ambition as we embark on our next decade of growth.’

‘For decades, we have worked with our customers with a shared purpose- leveraging the power of innovation, knowledge and technology to transform businesses,’ said Rajashree R, CMO, TCS. ‘Our new brand articulation and purpose statement paves the way to engage with our customers as their growth and transformation partners and bring together the power of our contextual knowledge and expertise, to help them master their journey. We are excited to take this new articulation of our brand to our clients, associates and all other stakeholders.’


SA Agency RAPT Creative Opens Satellite Offices In The UK And Ukraine

SA Agency RAPT Creative Opens Satellite Offices In The UK And Ukraine

On the back of substantial new business won in Europe at the end of 2020, RAPT Creative has opened satellite offices in the United Kingdom (London) and Ukraine (Kiev). RAPT’s presence in Europe will be overseen by the agency’s Head of Strategy and Consumer insight, Genevieve van Vuuren, who is based in London.

RAPT was appointed by the Export and Licence division of Molson Coors Beverage Company (MCB) as the experiential, activation and concept creative agency for Miller Genuine Draft, Coors Lager and Staropromen in Europe, Africa and parts of Asia.

From inception, the agency has had a vision of being a proudly South African company that takes on the world in its own backyard. RAPT only opened doors for business 18 months ago, and has – admittedly off a small base – more than tripled its business in that time and added 28 people to its team. Its current client base is deeply rooted in alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands.

‘We are really pleased with the MCB win, as it gives us a toe in the door for future work in Europe and Asia,’ said RAPT Managing Director, Garreth van Vuuren. ‘The agency was founded on the philosophy of being the ‘anti-agency agency’ and flipped the way client-agency relationships history work – a philosophy rooted in wanting to do cool stuff with cool people. I’m confident South Africa has among best creative talent in the world and, with our unique business model, we hope to give the world a taste of Mzansi in their day-to-day purchasing decisions.’


Momentum Launches #ForcesOfMomentum Brand Campaign

Momentum Launches #ForcesOfMomentum Brand Campaign

The #ForcesOfMomentum brand campaign kicked off with a TV advert where we meet Alice and Matt, two individuals who have impacted each other’s lives since birth. The story has poignant points within the film that depict the reality of how our unique qualities can sometimes be the root of our insecurities and how these insecurities can in turn be what holds us back from our greatness.

This is until of course, one of the characters in the story takes the time to show us that our differences and uniqueness can actually be turned into a superpower – with acknowledgment, advice and support. While everybody’s journey to success may be unique, the power of the right advice can make a world of difference. This is the message of the new campaign launched on 7 April 2021.

‘Momentum understands that as individuals we all go through life’s challenges that sometimes leave us with feelings of inadequacy, however one cannot live life in the limitations of those insecurities,’ said Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa, Momentum Head of Marketing.

Matt the giant is a representation of our internal insecurities and fears that hold us back from achieving what we strive for. Alice represents Momentum, a strong, bold, down to earth, curious, intelligent bohemian high-school teenager. She is the adviser and force for change to her friend Matt the giant.

She may be young, but she is mature enough to notice the innate potential in Matt. She sees what others can’t see and where others see Matt as awkward and somewhat unusual, she finds him interesting and observes his life as it unfolds throughout primary and high school. She helps Matt discover his magic through a pop-up book that depicts a shared school play experience. This intervention then makes him realise that with the right advice his momentum is unstoppable.

‘Throughout the #ForcesOfMomentum campaign, we are going to use the power of advice from successful individuals who overcame a specific obstacle in their life. Individuals who can share their stories on the kind of internal fears they have dealt with in their lives, how they overcame those obstacles and what keeps them going,’ said Nsubuga-Mukasa.

The stories will be inspiring and motivating, highlighting how the things that hold us back as individuals can be overcome and what role the right advice plays in conquering those setbacks. Global challenges like Covid-19 can sometimes make it a little hard to see the gifts and talents that we are all naturally born with.

‘We believe that partnering and encouraging all South Africans to accesses tailored financial advice, can unleash their innate potential to succeed. You are bigger than you think. All it takes is an intervention by one person, one coach, one expert – to acknowledge our external challenges and our own insecurities – to make you see the uniqueness of success, and that how you define success is all up to you,’ concluded Nsubuga-Mukasa.



Delivering Quality Content To Email Subscribers Will Be The Cornerstone Of Any Successful Campaign

Everlytic 2020 Email Marketing Benchmarks report
Overview of the Everlytic 2020 Email Marketing Benchmarks report.

According to JD Engelbrecht, Managing Director of Everlytic, marketers know that the success of email campaigns comes down to the total number of engaged contacts. The ultimate return any organisation can hope for is to multiply the volume of its email distribution list by the engagement rate. But to build engagement, the recipient must first open the message.

According to the Everlytic 2020 Email Marketing Benchmarks report, email subscribers who have been opening their messages have been more engaged with the content than ever. The Everlytic Email Marketing Benchmarks report is the largest email engagement study in South Africa providing a unique categorised analysis of the billions of emails sent in the country.

Even though fewer people have been reading their emails, (likely due to the economic uncertainty created by the pandemic and reduced inclination to spend on non-essential products and services) the report has highlighted the importance of providing subscribers with more value-added content than purely sales-driven information. Subscribers are looking for a richer journey than what traditional marketing campaigns can provide.

Growth Ahead

The only industries that showed an increase in open rates last year were education (6% increase) and logistics (20%) which may be attributed to increased homeschooling and home deliveries via online shopping platforms.

The above table notes the Mean Open Percentages by Industry.

Surprisingly, even though hospitality, travel, and tourism were impacted substantially by the pandemic, their email engagement increased by 21%. This is likely due to how the lockdown left people unable to travel, but may have boosted their aspiration to do so. Additionally, the recipients may have kept engaging with those emails in the hopes that there were updates to travel regulations or on trips they had booked prior to the lockdown.

The report further highlighted that the pandemic impacted which devices people use to view their emails. Desktop use dropped substantially, with mobile and web picking up in response. With many offices closing during lockdown and introducing a more flexible working environment, this was to be expected. In fact, every industry’s mobile views went up, while desktop views decreased.

The graph above shows a comparison of email open rates on desktop applications, mobile devices, and web-based platforms such as Gmail, yahoo, etc.

All about engagement

Marketers know that the success of email campaigns comes down to the total number of engaged contacts. The ultimate return any organisation can hope for is to multiply the volume of its email distribution list by the engagement rate. But to build engagement, the recipient must first open the message. It is therefore important to improve subject lines and start building brand affinity. In doing so, companies can improve open rates to improve the return on investment they are getting from their email. Once opened, the relevance and compellingness of the call-to-action will lead to further engagement.

A smaller, engaged list could yield the same volume of engagement as a large, unengaged one. The findings of the report have shown the importance of practising email list hygiene.

Amid changes in the digital marketing landscape, email will evolve in functionality and should remain the go-to platform as it provides the most cost-effective way of engaging with customers on their terms.

Based on this comprehensive study, it is clear that delivering quality content to email subscribers will be the cornerstone of any successful campaign. Subscribers have moved away from expecting a pure sales pitch to emails that deliver meaning to their lives. Generating this relevant content will significantly help to improve engagement rates.

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Debonairs Pizza and FCB Joburg Campaign Celebrates SA’s Passion For Food, Soccer And Family

Debonairs Pizza and FCB Joburg Campaign Celebrates

Developed by FCB Joburg, the advert is reminiscent of the backyard two-goal post soccer matches among the uncles and bachanas just before dinner kicks off. Setting the scene for the backyard showdown between the Olden Arrows and Bantwana-Bantwana; the animated Debonairs Pizza influencer, Debza takes centre stage with his co-pilot on the latest TV commercial. This relays a story very common to many South Africans – diski and food go hand in hand.

‘With Easter holidays just around the corner, our endeavour is to provide groups of friends and family members a value meal for sharing during their huddle times and breakaway from the hustle and bustle. Whilst keeping them entertained with the TVC that conveys a story they all can relate with,’ said Rirhandzu Manganye, Marketing Manager, Debonairs Pizza.

Launched in March 2021, this comes just in time before the holiday season to give consumers ample time to plan their match ups and select their team players for taking down the Debonairs Pizza Cram-Decker®.

‘The renewed Debonairs Pizza Cram-Decker® is not for dipapadi, you’ll need a team to finish the Cram-Decker®. That’s your family coming to the table with empty stomachs to have a feast. Debonairs Pizza has created a value meal suitable for family sharing occasions, pleasantly unifying as it feeds the masses,’ said Mbeu ‘Snooze’ Kambuwa of FCB Joburg.

The advert, brought to life by creative director Mbeu Kambuwa, copywriters Oarabile Mahole and Kabelo Sebako and art director Che Newman, aims to land on the story of sharing the Cram-Decker® with family and friends, filling their bellies with the pizza and then some more.

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Boomtown’s Campaign Highlights The Impact Of Iconic Maxeco Range

Boomtown's Campaign Highlights The Impact Of Iconic Maxeco Range On South Africa

Boomtown’s new campaign for Maxeco celebrates 30 years, and 10 million pairs, of iconic safety footwear. The campaign was conceived and created by Boomtown’s team of Jesse Sharkie, Anthony Heim and Michael Coetze, with a creative strategy developed by Ahmed Tilly. It is currently running in select print titles as well as in the digital space.

Maxeco’s owner, Lemaitre, is a pioneer of South Africa’s safety footwear industry. ‘Maxeco has gone on to become South Africa’s number one selling safety footwear brand. Across construction sites, mines, farms and factories, almost 10 million pairs have helped realise the dream of a stronger South Africa by protecting the millions of workers who built it. That’s no small feat,’ said Boomtown’s CEO, Glen Meier.

‘I have a great respect for brands that produce great products. Lemaitre is no different. The task was for Boomtown’s team to find a strategic approach that is differentiated, unapologetic and true to the brand. And so ‘The most beautiful shoe in the world’ was born,’ said Tilly, who is consulting to the agency.

According to Meier, the campaign highlights the impact that the iconic Maxeco range has had on South Africa by posing a provocative question and delivering a rather unusual but inspiring answer.

‘The campaign asks the question ‘Is Maxeco the most beautiful shoe in the country?’ To look at it, the answer is obviously ‘no’, because safety footwear and style don’t often go hand in hand. However, given Maxeco’s pioneering spirit, there’s more to it than meets the eye,’ Meier explained. ‘Maxeco is not beautiful in the conventional sense, but it is beautiful because of what it has helped accomplish. No other boot has done more to build our new nation, and that’s a beautiful thing.’

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The Youth Are Most Likely To Follow Brands That Have A Strong Digital Presence

The Youth Are Most Likely To Follow Brands That Have A Strong Digital Presence
Khethi Ngwenya, CEO of SchoolMedia

Khethi Ngwenya, CEO of SchoolMedia, says Covid-19 has changed the way in which brands communicate with their target market. When it comes to youth marketing, it is important to look at what unites us during this time, even with social distancing. The reality is that with people having to be in isolation, most of the youth are spending their time online.

Having a strong online and social media presence is key in promoting your brand and connecting with your audience. The youth are most likely to follow brands that have a strong digital presence, offer a personal touch and engage well with consumers. Brands that are winning are those that have adopted a content led marketing strategy.

Content led marketing is when a brand focuses on creating and sharing relevant, consistent and informative content that people can engage with. This form of marketing is important as it is the base on which you promote your brand online and it also helps you build trust amongst your target market.

Managing good and consistent online relationships with your audience has become more important than ever as people now have a virtual relationship with brands. Social media is a huge part of many young people’s lives, especially now as they are spending a lot of time online. Brands should use social media analytics to see which of their social media content resonates best with their target market and consider creating more content of that nature..

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Research Company KLA Rebrands

It is rare that a rebrand happens at the end of a journey of reinvention. Seldom is a new brand required to ensure that the outside of a business – its public face – matches an inside – a core – that has already dramatically changed. For KLA, the latter is what happened, and it turned out that brand evolution was not enough: the KLA brand required a total revolution.

Undertaking a rebranding process is no small quest. So you have to have an exceptionally good reason for doing it, and it is usually one of these:

– You’re changing your company’s name.
– You’re merging with another company, under a new name.
– You want to improve consistency across touchpoints.
– You intend to refresh or reposition to remain relevant.

Retaining the magic

In August 2018, when Stephanie Matterson, Caitlin Bauristhene and Jenni Pennacchini bought out their large corporate partner of six years, they felt ‘very deeply’ that KLA had to remain independent. This seemed to be the only way to retain the strong magic inside the business: a thread of passion-backed power that the trio didn’t have a formal name for, but knew was there. The magic, combined with the DNA, legacy and existing market equity of the 25-year-old business, called to the partners for revolution.

Jenni Pennacchini, Partner and Business Solutions Director, said, ‘Ultimately, we bought KLA to safeguard our autonomy, our deep-seated commitment to our people, and our love of culture and environment. With passion as our fuel, we needed KLA’s new brand to embody purpose and clarity, to demonstrate bravery, and to manifest visually the changes that had already happened in our business.’

Targeting the objective

How does a research company carry out the research required for its own rebrand process? Very, very seriously, and with expert outside help, for perspective.

Caitlin Bauristhene, Partner and Research Director, advised, ‘Know your over-riding objective and be relentless about using it as your driver. Conduct internal research, external research, brand audits – all rooted in that objective. Otherwise, rebranding becomes a ‘That’s pretty’ exercise. A cosmetic endeavour. Think of rebranding not as a way to look better, but as a way to bring to life who you truly are.’

On whether there’s anything about the rebrand process that she would change, Partner and MD Steph Matterson admits, ‘I was going to say, I wish we’d done it faster, but in retrospect, you need to sit with these things. As a business, you need time to evolve to a revolutionary place. So I wouldn’t change anything. Rebranding is a big decision. A massive undertaking. And you’d better make sure that you understand exactly who you are, before you try to alter the way you express it.’

In this instance, it seems that rebranding is not always about striving for change. Occasionally, it’s about unleashing an energy that is already there.

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