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FCB Joburg Takes Home 12 Pendorings

FCB Joburg team at the 2019 Pendoring Awards.

FCB Joburg scooped three Gold, five Silver and four prestigious Craft Awards for ‘contagious’ work for there iconic brands and design at the 2019 Pendoring Awards.

Chief Creative Officer, Ahmed Tilly, said, ’FCB Joburg has a long history of helping create the country’s favourite brands. Our performance at Pendorings is therefore important to us. It’s a shout out to our clients who have the courage to partner with us so we can both show up in an unexpected, evocative and contagious manner, a manner that resonates with real South Africans, and makes a real difference to our clients’ businesses.’

The promotion for Coca-Cola South Africa – The Phonetic Can, took home Gold in both the Integrated Campaign and Out of Home Direct Mail categories, while the design for Kwa Mailos, its lifestyle area in the agency, received Gold in the Brand Identity and Collateral Design: Identity.

Included in FCB Joburg’s Silver Pendoring haul were General Design for Unilever ‘Since Since Sunlight Laundry Bar Direct Mail Boxes’; Television and Cinema Commercials with a budget under R1m for Toyota South Africa ‘Start your Impossible, Paralympics’; Brand Identity and Collateral Design for Coca-Cola ‘The Phonetic Can’; Direct Mail for Unilever ‘Since Since Sunlight Laundry Bar Direct Mailer’ and Tactical use of Newspaper for Unilever ‘Since Since Sunlight Laundry Bar’. The agency also brought home four Craft Awards for Unilever; Writing for Design ‘Sunlight Since Since Boxes; Illustration for Design; Art Direction – Sunlight Since Since Print and Writing – ‘Sunlight Since Since Print’.

The Pendoring Advertising Awards are 24 years old this year. Originally created in 1995 to promote and stimulate the use of Afrikaans in advertising, the Pendoring has gone through a number of changes to celebrate all of South Africa’s indigenous languages.


Toyota And FCB Joburg Campaign Celebrates Indomitable Human Spirit

Toyota SA’s brief to FCB Joburg required uniquely creative South African content for local and global platforms within the wide-reaching ‘Start Your Impossible’ global campaign to mark Toyota’s support for the Olympics and Paralympics, taking place in Tokyo in 2020.

The crafted ad tells the back-story of Toyota ambassador and Paralympic medalist Ntando Mahlangu’s desire to move, and passion to compete. In addition, the agency needed to position Toyota’s eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympics and Paralympics in a way that it would resonate with, and be embraced by, its African markets.

A second objective was to raise awareness for the South African Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (SASAPD), which Toyota SA sponsors and for which Mahlangu is the Toyota ambassador.

The advert was shot over two days at Ellis Park in New Doornfontein Street and on Frederick Street in central Johannesburg. The content has been edited by Xander Vander of Strangelove into a two-minute short film, a 65-second spot and a 30-second piece. The content has already flighted on free to air channels such as ETV, and is scheduled to flight on more local TV channels, as well as cinema and on various social media and digital channels, locally and internationally, and leading up to the 2020 Olympic games.

‘Our idea was to simply open the window on this unrelenting human spirit that fuels each waking moment of Mahlangu’s incredible journey,’ said Tian van den Heever from FCB Joburg. ‘At the outset, we deliberately chose not to talk about his disability. We wanted to show his heart. What drives him. This is the real-life mobility backstory of a 17-year-old who demonstrates the values of humility, hard work and never giving up. And we hope by showing this kind of indefatigable spirit that we truly inspire action. The message is clear: When we are free to move, anything is possible. START YOUR IMPOSSIBLE.’

‘Start Your Impossible’ was created in honour of the iconic brand’s shift to a mobility company,’ added Toyota SA’s Advertising Senior Manager, Tasneem Lorgat. ‘Critically, it reflects the Olympic and Paralympic spirit of encouragement, challenge and progress. Together with FCB Joburg, we have created a timeless and inspiring piece of film content that is not only equal to the high-budget global productions, but is also uniquely South African with an international appeal.

‘The film heroes a rising star who deserves recognition for his achievements, puts an authentic South African face to Toyota’s global Olympics sponsorship, and champions Toyota’s local sponsorship of SASAPD, the South African Sports Association for the Physically Disabled,’ said Lorgat. ‘At the same time, it embodies the spirit of the Olympic games, while shining an unflinching light on the inspirational nature of the Paralympics. This is a story about guts and heart that doesn’t beg for sympathy. It’s a celebration of will and humanity.’


Primedia Outdoor Unveils Digital LED Billboard At OR Tambo International Airport

The new 3m x 6m cantilever digital billboard at OR Tambo International Airport is currently the only external LED display at this airport. This installation follows the success of the launch of the 5m x 10m digital billboard at the King Shaka International Airport in June this year.

Jorja Wilkins, Marketing and Marketing Services Executive of Primedia Outdoor said, ’Digital Out-of-Home is a growing medium globally and we are committed to expanding our digital footprint in South Africa and Rest of Africa, to deliver dynamic quality platforms for our clients and their brands. We are extremely pleased to now offer a digital network in the airport environment that reaches millions of influential travellers.’

Airport advertising plays a pivotal role and is a key touchpoint in reaching highly influential, and powerful purchase decision makers in an environment when they are most susceptible to receive brand messaging. The new digital billboard at OR Tambo International Airport is located at the domestic drop off zone for all passengers travelling to regional airports, as well as all traffic from the international drop off zone. This cantilever gantry is positioned over the road and creates dominant visibility for brands wanting to target this market. 

Primedia Outdoor now offers six different digital networks across South Africa to target different markets and environments, ensuring brands are positioned to the right audiences. These include: Urban Digital Network; Freeway Digital Network; Township Digital Network; Airport Digital Network; Rank TV Network and Mall Digital Networks.


TBWA\ Africa Conference 2019 Highlights Podcast Content Creation And More

2019 #TBWAAfricaConference podcast panel from left to right: Gareth Cliff, Siya 'Slikour' Metane, Thami Pooe and Timothy Maurice.

Modern Marketing attended the annual #TBWAAfricaConference under the theme #Disrupt at Katy’s Palace and Bar in Johannesburg on 1 November. The conference highlighted topics such as podcast content creation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and technology in Africa. 

‘We plan to maintain momentum into 2020. Affiliates are building volumes by providing more services in each market while exploring cross-border opportunities,’ said Graham Cruikshanks, Director of Africa Operations.

Podcast content creators Timothy Maurice of Brain and Brand Science, Thami Pooe of The Interchange and Siya ‘Slikour’ Metane of SlikourOnLife were part of the podcasts panel discussion, which was facilitated by Gareth Cliff from Cliff Central.

Cliff said that podcasts are beautifully crafted stories in audio and visual that come into audiences’ lives when it suits them. Podcasts are about good old storytelling and that is what makes it so powerful. Podcast is not target marketing, instead, the audience chooses you based on the content you deliver.

Maurice said that valuable content is assembled by people, not the other way round. ‘When content is collected and shared, a higher priority is placed on it and that is what podcasts do.’

Metane mentioned that content creation in the digital world is not just brands competing against brands for people’s attention – it is not the brand to brand competition type of competition but an opinion to opinion one. ‘If you are a brand, you want to be in the position where you are chosen.’

Pooe stated that podcasts are different from broad platforms such as Twitter as they are ‘an echo chamber that allows the audience to engage with a topic from all sides’. Podcasts enable real engagement and by an audience that is specifically interested in what is discussed.


Meta Media Reviews 2019 RWC Top-Line TV Viewership Figures

Margie Knap, Client Lead at Meta Media, says that at least 48% of all TV viewing adults 15 years + were glued to their screens during the two hour Rugby World Cup 2019 Final broadcast, and their kids also tuned in. No gender filters were included (women also watch rugby!).

It is important to note that these figures do not take into account the screenings at Rugby Club Villages (such as Monte), pubs, clubs and other group viewing venues. It is possible that we can add on, at the very least, an additional 50%. Just Googling some images of the game and it is easy to get a sense of excitement at all of the out of home viewings.

Margie Knap, Client Lead at Meta Media.

Taking a look at TVRs achieved across the two stations across four different demographics, it is really exciting just how ‘nation building’ this final match was. TVRs achieved against LSM 4-7 sit at 9.7 on a Saturday morning, bearing in mind that there are omnibus repeats of favourite soapies on SABC1 at this time too.

And boy, were we glued to our screens! If you look at the ebb and flow of audiences every two minutes, people didn’t even make coffee/tea or even go to the toilet during the commercial breaks! The SABC2 LSM 8-10 audience started at just over 1 million viewers and peaked at 1.6 million viewers by 1PM. Supersport 1 LSM 8-10 audiences started at just over 700k and peaked at 915k as the game ended.

Remember the point above regarding the SABC1 broadcast of Generations Omnibus:  Generations viewership peaked at 1,128,000 at 12:41 – the victory was already ours.

We also found it interesting to have a look at the advertisers that flighted their adverts during the game. There were 13 ‘paid for’ ads on SABC2 and 16 ‘paid for’ ads on SuperSport 1, all achieving impressive ratings.

In a press release from DStv, the DStv Now App served more than 500,000 unique users during match day. In fact, the data carried by content delivery network partners during the Final peaked at more than 500 Gbps (more than 4,000 GB of data PER minute) – this is another record for DStv Now in Africa.

Finally, even the Google Doodle got involved in the hype and excitement.

Once again, well done ‘Bokke’, we are an extremely proud and grateful nation.


Grey Advertising Africa Appoints Managing Director

Louise Johnston, Grey Advertising Africa's new Managing Director.

Louise Johnston has been appointed by Grey Advertising Africa as the new Managing Director of its South African operations. She has held a number of positions in the sector, beginning her career in account management before working her way up the ranks into agency management. 

Having found her passion in the advertising industry some 26 years ago, she comes to Grey with an abundance of experience, having recently held the position of Managing Director at DDB South Africa for the past six years. Over the course of her career she has held prominent roles at agencies such as Y&R, DraftFCB, Ogilvy and Roots (Tanzania). 

‘I am delighted to join the Grey team. I believe that Grey is one of the few agencies on a rapid growth trajectory, having recently won significant new business off the back of a creative revival under the stewardship of Chief Creative Officer, Fran Luckin. I admire the type of work the agency is doing such as the recent award-winning Gillette Gogo Nozizwe campaign, which connects with people in very deep and significant ways,’ commented Johnston.

Paul Jackson, CEO Grey Advertising Africa said, ’Our ambition is to be the most progressive, pioneering and creative company in the world. To achieve that ambition, we must continue to attract the very best talent. We are delighted to have Johnston on the team. As an experienced agency leader, with award-winning campaigns like FNB ‘Steve’ on her résumé, Johnston will add immense value to our people and to our clients.’

Looking to 2020 and beyond, Johnston believes that agencies need to be recognised more and more for the value of their advice and the creative business solutions they bring to their clients. ‘To do that, we need to focus on attracting and developing talent as an absolute priority, which is something I am really passionate about. I invest a lot of my time in mentorship and training because some of the proudest moments in my career have been watching young people that I have nurtured over the years go on to do great things,’ said Johnston. 


Ads24 Runs Activation To Introduce Six Brand Tribes

On 30 October 2019, Ads24 ran a door-to-door activation campaign where it delivered a magnet-locked box. When recipients unlocked the box, six doughnuts were revealed that represent the six Ads24 tribes.

These tribes are a new way to appeal to readers. According to Ads24, by identifying its key target markets, a brand can tailor product, language, message, and context to appeal specifically to those segments and focus its advertising budget on people who will most likely become customers.

In a time when consumers are spoilt for choice, brands have realised that for their message to be heard above the chaos of a cluttered advertising environment they need to zone into those consumers who want to listen. Where brands might have achieved success through a ‘spray and pray’ approach in the past, there’s been a significant shift in marketing and consumers now expect personalised interactions and connections.

While none of this is news to advertisers, creating campaigns across channels and niche markets is tricky. Advertisers and marketers need to ask the right questions to enable them to understand the triggers and behaviours of potential customers, which platforms they prefer to engage with, which solutions they are looking for and which research and actions they take before making a purchase. In addition, it’s necessary to consider who they are influenced by. Is it a sporting celebrity, a fashion diva or friends and family?

Fortunately, when it comes to Ads24’s broad community of popular titles, they’ve already done the research, so brands can save on cost and time-consuming research and use their budgets to create effective and inspiring campaigns.

By breaking its readership into tribes, which interconnect and exist across a number of titles and platforms, Ads24 has made it easy for advertisers to customise 360-degree campaigns that appeal directly to specific consumers across print, digital, podcasts, video and social media.

The six tribes of Ads24

These tribes, which are further broken down into niche segments, comprise:

1. Sports and status

  • Sports readers are major sports fans who like to watch sports at live events or on TV. They also participate competitively or socially. 
  • Status readers, meanwhile, are brand-crazy, early adopters who will pay premium prices for a product if they think it will improve their social standing.

2. Future focused

  • Finance-savvy readers are money smart. They plan for their financial future by spending money carefully and are always looking for opportunities to grow their money.
  • Education readers believe that education is key to their success and actively seek out new ways to improve and upskill themselves.
  • The Eco-sustainability segment is environmentally conscious. They believe their actions can make a huge difference and that a little goes a long way.

3. Fashion and home

  • Home and décor. These readers take pride in their home. Whether it be to show off their unique style or to make their homes as comfortable as possible. More than half are married or in a relationship and they are keen consumers of information on gardening and DIY sections of publications.
  • The fashion sub-tribe is a trend-savvy group who like to look and feel good and will always opt for quality.

4. Tech and telecoms

  • It should come as no surprise that these tech-savvy readers are early adopters of technology. They believe that technology enhances their lifestyle.

5. Parenting

  • This tribe is all about the kids, particularly those children who are younger than 18.

6. Lifestyle

  • Foodies. Food is about more than fuel to these readers. They love interesting, exotic food types and enjoy experimenting with their food, both inside and outside of their own kitchens.
  • Travel and tourism readers travel locally and abroad, for business and pleasure.
  • Health and wellness are the health nuts of the world, they eat healthily and exercise and prioritise their physical well-being.
  • Entertainment. This segment is easily bored, and they are always looking for ways to entertain themselves. They are sociable and curious.

Marise van der Lith, Brand Manager for Ads24 said, ’In line with the latest in marketing trends, we’ve done the research and crunched the data in order to understand how our readers fall into these different tribes. We believe this offers a more in-depth understanding than simple demographics and will help brands to more accurately plan for when, where and how to target these tribes.’


SheSays Cape Town Partners With Kantar For Gender Representation In Advertising And Marketing Survey

Women empowerment, gender representation and diversity are some of the key issues that have been trending recently and many brands and companies have joined the movement. SheSays Cape Town has partnered with Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, to conduct the first-ever gender diversity survey in South Africa’s advertising and marketing sector. 

Figures indicate that the movement may have stalled within business: in South Africa, statics show that 46% of people entering the workplace are women, but only 7% of executive board directors are female. Within the advertising sector, there are still no figures on female representation, which is what motivated SheSays to step in and conduct an industry-wide survey.

Anelde Greeff, SheSays Director explained, ’Our aim with this survey is to engage the local industry regarding the improvement of gender representation and diversity within the creative sectors. Advertising informs societal views and if the people behind these advertising campaigns are not representative of society, these views are skewed.’

Johannie van As, SheSays Director, added, ‘This survey is not only a first in South Africa, but also a first for SheSays across the globe. As an organisation committed to empowering, educating and advancing women in creative industries, it’s vital to understand the actual state of affairs and measure our progress. We hope that this annual survey will put us right up there with the wonderful work being done by Creative Equals in the UK and The 3% Movement in the USA.’

Agencies can pledge their support for this cause by taking part in the survey. SheSays will work closely with the IAB, ACA and AMF to distribute the survey to their member agencies as well as selected agency representatives. All participants will remain anonymous and data will only be reported in an aggregated format. The results will be announced in March 2020. 

The online survey is running until 30 November 2019. To take part, send an email to capetown@weareshesays.com 


FCB Joburg Creates New uMalume Ad For Debonairs

The TVC was conceived by Creative Director Greg Cameron, Art Director Motlagole Nthite and Copywriter Junior Mokoma off a brief from Famous Brands’ Marketing Executive Toni Joubert. The commercial was shot in one day by directors Chloe Coetsee and Ian Difford from Darling Films.

The TVC features uMalume, the respected uncle who is regarded as the one who imparts knowledge to the children of the family. In the new Debonairs Pizza ad, uMalume playfully uses this to his advantage, silently invoking his ‘Malume’ status to sneak a preview slice from each of the five pizzas delivered in the uniquely designed Khetha 5 box. The children respectfully wait and listen with only their eyes showing that they know exactly what his strategy is and appreciating the joke. The ad flights on SABC, ETV, DSTV channels, MNET and Comedy Central for three months. 


Chicken Licken Travels Through Time With New TVC By Joe Public United

The new Chicken Licken TVC, done in partnership with Joe Public United, stars Sherldon Marema as guy-next-door Thato, who becomes an unsuspecting interdimensional hero, armed only with his chilled-out attitude and Rock my soul meal.

Inner peace is what Rock My Soul is all about, but this time the creative team wanted to take our country’s famously friendly South African vibes and see what happens when we spread peace across the world, and even across time itself, via Thato the ‘Time Traveller’. 

‘Chicken Licken ads are known and loved for being quirky,’ explained Xolisa Dyeshana, Joe Public, CCO. ‘That’s why the order number idea felt so right. If there’s any place that could just magically transport you backwards and forwards in time, it would be a Chicken Licken store.’

The long-format film takes you on a thrilling trip, from being in the thick of a battle between Roman gladiators to a far-off future where a rampaging chimpanzee cyborg is stopped in its hydraulic tracks by Thato, our unexpected ambassador for peace. He even pops in to support South Africa’s female president in 2047.

An integrated campaign approach that includes TV, social media, digital, outdoor and activations to keep the campaign going forward, and backward, in time. ‘We have all of history and the future to inspire us all, which is what makes this such a fun and creative campaign,’ added creative team duo Natalie Walker and Jeanine Vermaak.

Produced and directed by Alan Irvin of They Films, the film delivers a crafted and entertaining journey, with superb visual effects by Sinister Studios to really take the viewer along for the ride with Thato.

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