Workbench Re-Energises Corporate Identity

Workbench Re-Energises Corporate Identity

The fresh, new corporate identity (CI) is part of Workbench’s own inclusive brand story. The thinking, craft and design that went into it follows the same care and attention the agency applies to all their client’s brand stories.

With the appointment of Sean van der Westhuizen as creative director, one of his first tasks was to refresh the agency’s CI to mark the start of his tenure at Workbench and to coincide with the launch of its new website.

Co-founders Michael Cook and Martin Sing said, ‘We wanted to start a tradition that demonstrates our agency’s belief that if we are to survive and thrive, we have to put our egos aside and allow others to build on the idea of Workbench. Giving van der Westhuizen the opportunity to re-energise our CI is just one reflection of that.’

Van der Westhuizen took up the challenge and this was his inspiration behind the design: ‘I set out to create a look for us that reflects how we’ve grown up as a company and established ourselves as a strong player in the industry. I also wanted to pay tribute to Workbench’s inceptive CI, so I kept our brand colours. The result is a refreshed, strong and clean design, with the incorporation of the new Workbench ‘block’ icon into our logo. The block symbolises a workbench, and this bench represents how we work. We stand around the bench together with our clients and craft partners, working on what’s on it, to make beautiful, effective pieces of advertising. That’s the essence of how we feel about good work.’