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TLC Runs With Diesel JoggJeans

TLC Runs With Diesel JoggJeans

Diesel Jeans recently briefed TLC Media to run a one month campaign in various environments for the launch of their new JoggJeans. The campaign communicates the many ways one can escape a bad date in relevant environments, reinforcing the Diesel collection of jeans ‘so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them’, even at top speed.

Bad Date Survival Tips were placed as decals on change room mirrors in selected Edgars stores and the washrooms of selected shopping malls. These offered advice on many funny ways to escape from an awkward date.

In order to target a wide range of people, the campaign was extended into spaces beyond the Diesel stores and selected shopping malls. TLC presented Diesel’s Bad Date Survival Tips to people in spaces where bad dates happen all the time, like in restaurants and bars through mirror decals and backlit mirror frames.

Including the JoggJeans campaign in a gym is perhaps a surprising but a completely natural choice when one thinks about it. 20 Planet Fitness Gyms provided additional outlets to the campaign through to use of A4 frames. While gym-goers were pumping iron or training, they were presented with a Survival Tip and the classic ‘or just run in Diesel JoggJeans’ call to action line.

‘This was a fun and well executed campaign for Diesel JoggJeans,’ concluded Greg Bruwer, TLC’s Managing Director. ‘It just confirms that washroom advertising can be fashionable and entertaining at the same time.’

TLC (+27 11) 562 6666 greg@tlc-media.co.za www.tlc-media.co.za

Nfinity Launches theIntern-ship

Nfinity Launches theIntern-ship

theIntern-ship is focused on employee advocacy programmes, and will serve as a brand’s mouthpiece.

This latest move by Nfinity cements the company as a major player in the influencer marketing sphere, with offerings now covering employees (theIntern-ship); micro-influencers (theSALT) and celebrity influencers (under the Webfluential license).

According to Managing Director Pieter Groenewald, theIntern-ship is a service that brands have been asking for, for some time. ‘As we became more entrenched in influencer marketing, the clearer it became that brands wanted to get their staff involved as advocates in their own brand campaigns. Staff utilise their own social media platforms where they have an existing trust base and relationship with their communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, depending on the brand’s requirements.’

Nfinity has created a programme designed to teach and inform staff of the power that their individual voices have in their own social influence spheres. The process takes people on a 12 month social journey and experience from beginning to end. Staff are taught how to use their social media platforms more effectively to become brand advocates. ‘We even assist in creating individual accounts should the person not already be involved on a platform, like on LinkedIn for example,’ explained Groenewald.

‘People with similar mind-sets, activities and lifestyles tend to naturally gather into communities. They speak a certain way, interact with each other uniquely and as such they don’t need to be taught this important skill – it’s automatic, it happens. What’s more, individuals trust each other within these communities, and the authenticity comes through,’ he said.

Consumers within the brand advocate’s circle of influence are much more receptive and likely to engage with the content as it’s coming from a known person, a trusted person, not a corporate account which could, more than likely, be seen as an advert.

Over the course of the year, theIntern-ship makes use of an in-house algorithm to track and monitor employees’ content and engagement levels, which encourage the competitive spirit amongst staff. Bronze, silver and gold medals are achieved at certain engagement levels and at different phases of each 12 month campaign. Importantly, the media value that is generated from the employees’ effort is measured as part of the KPI’s of the programme.

‘theIntern-ship allows brands to get front and centre with their customers, and let’s face it, we spend a huge amount of our time online, that’s where the conversation is happening, and brands want to be part of it,’ said Groenewald. ‘Our initial campaigns using employees on their own social media channels are showing engagement levels that are through the roof.’

‘The beauty of theIntern-ship is the ability for brands or companies to punch way above their weight when it comes to marketing, and thanks to the mechanics of the programme, a small independent business has as much opportunity to elevate its brand as a multinational does. In fact studies have shown that 25% of sales actually originate from ‘social selling,’ concluded Groenewald.

NFINITY (+27 10) 900 2021 kevin@nfinity.co.za www.nfinity.co.za

Hellocomputer Cape Town Wins Beko Account

Hellocomputer Cape Town Wins Beko Account

Home appliance giant Beko appointed Hellocomputer as its agency following a competitive pitch process.

Robyn Campbell, Hellocomputer Cape Town’s Managing Director said, ‘It is such a privilege to work with a brand that has such a strong desire to innovate. We absolutely believe that we are the right partner to assist Beko in delivering meaningful solutions to their new generation of consumers.’

HELLOCOMPUTER (+27 11) 566 6000 www.hellocomputer.com

Open Media: Creating An Effective Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Open Media: Creating An Effective Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Open Media illustrates key steps a brand should take to design successful outdoor advertisements.

1. Location

Location is everything. Not only is it important to position your brand in front of a large number of people, it is crucial that an advertisement reaches the ‘right’ group of people. A successful brand will understand exactly who their audience is and where they are located.

For instance, OPEN’s Rolling Stones Banner Football uses location highly effectively. The Stones, who are performing at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium in June, have a premium banner positioned right outside the ground. Old Trafford holds a population of up to 75,000 football fans, which will naturally consist of a high proportion of the band’s demographic (35-60 year olds), convincing those who travel to the stadium for match days to consider attending the gig.

2. Branding

Recent research shows that over 50% of impressions made by an advertisement are within the first 1-5 seconds of a consumer seeing it. Therefore, a close affinity must exist between a brand’s identity, their product and the visual composition of the advert. In turn, allowing consumers to instantly associate an outdoor advertisement with a brand.

A company can maximise this standard of brand recognition by designing clear and legible copy. The following guidelines apply to all out of home signage (digital and static):
– A consistent aesthetic (colours, typography, graphics) across all campaigns.
– Large enough font that can be read from a predetermined distance.
– A clearly spaced font that is not over imposed or complex.
– Contrasting colour scheme to augment visibility.

3. Simplicity

It is often said that complexity is the enemy of good design, and certainly no exceptions are made in the advertising world. Within the short space of time that the human brain absorbs out of home advertising, it only has the ability to digest five to seven words. Therefore, an advert’s message must be clear and easy to understand with a single glimpse.

eBay’s most recent digital outdoor campaign was a simple yet effective promotion. The campaign utilised location-based data to create weather responsive messages that tapped into people’s buying habits. eBay’s senior marketing director Gareth Jones stated that the campaign portrayed the brand’s, ‘vibrant and colourful wares in a way that is responsive and useful and aligned with consumers’ mindset and surroundings at the moment.’

4. Creativity

Creativity is crucial when shaping a receptive, engaging and influenceable campaign.

Technological innovation, consumer interaction and humour are all inventive ways to generate a positive and long-lasting impact. An imaginative slant can undoubtedly bring a share-ability aspect to an advertisement, and if successful, can be a key factor in achieving a public conversation to take place around a brand’s new product or service.

Carlsberg’s ‘Probably the Best Poster in the World’ campaign in partnership with Fold7 was a clever way to reinforce the brand’s credibility and authenticity. The advertisement became an instant win, not only because it dispensed free beer for Londoners passing by, but because it was naturally shareable across social media. Although it is a risky strategy to attempt to create a viral campaign, it is a proven method to transform the aware consumer into a loyal customer.

OPEN MEDIA blog.openmedia.uk.com

Dentsu Aegis Network Addresses The 2018 State Of OOH

Dentsu Aegis Network Addresses The 2018 State Of OOH

Based on Outdoor Auditor’s latest audit report of the outdoor landscape, we are seeing some of the highest number of outdoor sites in the country, with a total of 12.9k billboards across all nine provinces, which equates to a 1.5% increase in inventory vs August 2017 and this growth has happened mostly in Gauteng (which accounts for 50% of all billboards in SA) and KZN, with the other provinces declining slightly and getting very negligible increases in inventory.

It is not illogical to question why there are more sites being put in the ground year on year in a struggling economy. In an article titled ‘Sign of the times’ written by Kristina Monllos, she noted that digital brands are flocking to Out-of-home (OOH) as awareness level marketing has increasingly become more important, so while the media landscape continues to fragment and consumers become increasingly more difficult to reach, OOH remains one of the guardians of awareness level marketing.

New bylaws to be promulgated end of May by City of Joburg:

What will the new bylaws mean for the out-of-home landscape of Joburg? Well, first of all, it is important to note that, traditionally, it was media owners who would identify the spots where they would like to place billboards and apply to the council for approval but since the Corridors of Freedom project, a spatial plan based on corridor transit-oriented development, the city has taken a more proactive approach to city planning and urbanisation with its investments in infrastructure in the form of Gautrain, Rapid Bus Transit and so forth. With this lens they see OOH as a medium that ought to be contributing to the overall development of the city. This means that there will be a massive declutter that is coming. Ceteris paribus, this will also open up bigger opportunities for media owners to create advertising opportunities that will combine spatial planning and awareness level marketing to the next level.

Trends in OOH:

Digital OOH is fast becoming as ubiquitous as static formats, especially in the most traffic-congested parts of Gauteng; with close to 16,500 panels nationwide and counting, it is no longer the next big thing, it already is. What we are starting to see is a more intelligent use of DOOH networks and no longer a copy-and-paste job of a TVC; we are seeing creative being tailored to each environment, which research shows us increases noting and recall.

Size does matter, we are seeing bigger and more impactful formats than ever, but more than that, we are seeing more experiential as well. With brands wanting more ROI, they are also requesting talkability around their campaigns, which is opening doors to more experientially driven OOH campaigns.

Last but certainly not least is mobile out-of-home (MOOH), underpinned by location strategies. The inclusion of the mobile device in the out-of-home space will continue to be the most critical tool in driving results vis-à-vis awareness, engagement and measurability. Successful brands are ones that integrate ‘moohbile’ underpinned by location and creative messaging tailored for the consumer journey from the time they leave home, to the time they are at point of purchase.

DENTSU AEGIS NETWORK www.dentsuaegisnetwork.com

See The Latest Signage Innovations At The Sign Africa Zambia Expo

See The Latest Signage Innovations At The Sign Africa Zambia Expo

The Sign Africa Zambia Expo, which runs from 6-7 June, will feature product experts and the latest technological innovations centred around wide format digital printing, garment decoration, screen printing, signage and more.

Roland is the Platinum sponsor of the Sign Africa Expo’s.

The expo will be hosted at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Lusaka.

Speed Wrap Challenge

The popular Speed Wrap Challenge will be held at the event. Contestants will race against the clock to wrap a vehicle door to the best standards. This event is brought to you by platinum sponsor Roland and vinyl sponsor Grafiwrap (distributed by Maizey Plastics).

Compete in three easy steps:

1. Pre-register at the Speed Wrap stand.
2. Your registration will be confirmed with your time slot.
3. Be present at your time slot and wrap to the best standards.

Upcoming Sign Africa expo’s include:
Johannesburg: 12-14 September, Gallagher Convention Centre.

SIGN AFRICA +27 11 450 1650 dyelan@practicalpublishing.co.za www.signafricaexpo.com

Zee World Goes For Street Network

Zee World Goes For Street Network

African digital satellite television channel, Zee World, chose Outdoor Network’s Street Network Bus Shelters to extend the reach of its latest ‘It’s Happening’ campaign.

Street Network’s bus shelter allowed Zee World to effectively target consumers within a geographically selected region and create talkability through its impactful and creative campaign execution. With a combined reach for the campaign of over 550,000 people monthly at an exposure frequency of 7 (ROAD 2016/17C), Street Network maximised the campaign reach while engaging a highly sought after audience.

Shaun Kennedy, OMD South Africa said, ‘We had no hesitation in selecting bus shelters for among other reasons the creative canvass that they present to consumers making use of all forms of transport, whether public or private. We chose sites across the greater Johannesburg area with a view to reaching consumers across the entire LSM spectrum that represent the overall viewers of the channel.’

Street Network Bus Shelters

In order to reach this diverse audience, Street Network provided a range of geographically targeted bus shelters situated along key high-traffic routes across Johannesburg’s central and northern suburbs. This was an ideal solution for Zee World since small format Out of Home is one of the most effective media platforms driving consumer recall and engagement.

According to Outsmart, Out of Home is a key medium for Entertainment and Media brands, with over 61% of adults recalling advertising by these brands when seen on Out of Home platforms. The report further shows that 59% of those surveyed ‘talked to many people’ about television, with 56% noting that they are very likely to convince others about TV. When combined with the 2017 Nielsen Poster Advertising Report, which reflects ‘recall of Out of Home messages seen’ at 89%, it is evident that integrating Out of Home and Street Network’s Bus Shelters in particular into the marketing campaign was an effective and strategically well-planned media buy for Zee World.

Comment from Street Network’s Head of Sales

Jonathan Everest, Head of Sales at Street Network commented, ‘The five-month extended campaign was designed with highly impactful creative and copy to ensure that consumers exposed to the bus shelters would take note of and recall the messaging. So much so that it resulted in high recall, evidenced by great talkability amongst other brands and media agencies to name a few.’

‘Rising above the clutter in this manner is highly desired by brands, and bundled with effective ROI, is precisely what Out of Home and specifically street furniture advertising is able to deliver.’

Airport Ads Implements ABSA’s OOH Campaign

Airport Ads Implements ABSA’s OOH Campaign

Airport Ads recently implemented an OOH advertising campaign for ABSA that provided the brand with the unique advantage of dominating key zones within South Africa’s busiest airport – OR Tambo International in Johannesburg.

The ABSA messaging targeted consumers within high footfall areas with long dwell times, and thus reaped the benefits of an all-encompassing, top of mind awareness campaign in a captive environment that was not cluttered by other brands.

Campaign implementation

The campaign was concurrently implemented at King Shaka and Cape Town International airports. As a sponsor of the Mining Indaba, ABSA wanted to take the opportunity to engage with consumers travelling to and from Cape Town for the event, and did so with excellent results.

In terms of visibility, in excess of 5,4 million passengers move through King Shaka, approximately 20 million pass through OR Tambo and more than 7 million go through Cape Town international annually. This is over and above consumers who enter the airports to meet and greet or to use other services such as banking, retail and, in Johannesburg, the Gautrain. The audience is captive, experiencing high dwell times which in turn delivers high recall for a brand, and even more so if the brand dominates in a particular zone.

Furthermore, in the airport environment, every media platform provided by Airport Ads has been strategically selected or located using Environment Media Mapping (EMM) to maximise brand engagement and exposure. As such, the ABSA messaging was unmissable.


Tractor Outdoor Sponsors Project Dignity’s Subzpads Initiative

Tractor Outdoor Sponsors Project Dignity’s Subzpads Initiative

Tractor Outdoor partnered with NGO Project Dignity to assist with their Subzpads Initiative (disposable sanitary pads and panties for underprivileged girls) by contributing advertising space on Tractor’s digital network to promote the campaign.

Sue Barnes, Director at Project Dignity said, ’We give hope to young girls and empower them; giving them an opportunity to feel free, to participate in daily activities and not to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Close to 4 million girls aged between 10-19 years in South Africa miss a week of school every month and it’s affecting their education. The aim of Project Dignity is to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their education by providing them with Subzpads.’

The Subzpads are manufactured by Subz (Pty) and are distributed through Project Dignity. They have been producing these packs and distributing them to schoolgirls all over South Africa.

‘We feel very honoured in being part of such an uplifting initiative that gives back to the underprivileged. Barnes and her team are doing an amazing job by changing these girls’ lives for the better, and one cannot forget that these girls play a vital role in the future of our economy and are the future of our country. The donation of just one pack could last a girl her entire high school career and allow her to not be embarrassed or worried so that she can attend school,’ said Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

Subzpads are sustainable and could last a girl between three to five years. They also do not contain any gels or chemicals and are therefore allergy free and eco-friendly.

Ogilvy Runs Creative KFC Ad

Ogilvy Runs Creative KFC Ad

The best print ads often make you look twice. A perfect example? Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong ran a clever and well-executed set of ads for KFC Hot and Spicy.

The agency replaced fire in photography shots of the Space Shuttle, a rocket-powered race car and a group of Power Ranger stand-ins, with blown-up (in more ways than one) images of spicy fried chicken.

OGILVY & MATHER www.ogilvy.com/tag/ogilvy-mather-hong-kong

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