Mediology Announces New Executive Director

Mediology Announces New Executive Director
Boniswa Pezisa. Mediology Executive Director.

New Mediology Executive Director Boniswa Pezisa strengthens the Mediology team with her enviable career, which includes holding positions as the Group CEO for Net#work BBDO, Chairperson for both the Loeries and Association for Communication and Advertising ACA and more recently, being inducted into the Loeries Hall of Fame.

This appointment coincides with the agency’s celebration of 15 years in business and continued commitment to creative media thinking. ‘It’s not often that someone of Pezisa’s calibre migrates from a creative agency to a media agency. With this appointment, we now have one of the strongest media agency management teams in the country,’ said Founder and CEO, Ana Carrapichano.

Pezisa’s award-winning work is a testament to her commitment to the creative community and her clients. She brings decades of experience, an infectious love of communications and boundless enthusiasm to the Mediology team.

Having occupied marketing positions twice, Pezisa has a deep understanding and respect for the marketers’ challenge of working hard to retain market share and running fast to obtain marginal growth. Pezisa added, ‘We understand the importance of helping our clients seize the opportunities in this ever-changing and complex landscape. I believe that Mediology, with its creative-centric, client-first approach, is well poised to be the agency partner to successfully takes our clients into the future.’

Both Carrapichano and Pezisa have a fiercely optimistic view of the future thanks to their shared ideologies. They both share a deep passion for the advertising industry, and collectively they believe in leaving a legacy. A legacy of work that makes a difference, inspiration for the younger generation, and humanity, ensuring that their work contributes to the health and prosperity of their community, their country, and the world at large. ‘We both love the industry and being positive contributors is important for us. This, coupled with our commitment to creative solutions for commercial success, makes ours a great partnership,’ said Pezisa.

The future looks bright for Mediology with its transformation and expansion plans. ‘As a self-funded and independent media agency, we can do it our way by giving back and growing. We are currently expanding our footprint in Africa and exploring global opportunities. We subscribe to thenetworkone, a network of independent agencies across the globe with over 2000 members, giving Mediology a global connection while maintaining our independence,’ added Carrapichano.

‘Pezisa’s appointment gives me the bandwidth to pursue new exciting initiatives like the Mediology Academy and our Adopt an Entrepreneur Programme, as well as focusing on our strategic product, insights division and thinking big. I look forward to growing the agency and taking it to new heights with Pezisa on board while continuing to drive #WhereLogicMeetsMagic,’ Carrapichano concluded.