Tractor Outdoor Expands Roadside Presence

Tractor Outdoor Expands Roadside Presence
Ben Harris, Managing Director and Head of Rights and Development at Tractor Outdoor.

Ben Harris, Managing Director and Head of Rights and Development at Tractor Outdoor, explained that the growing interest in digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) has necessitated the media owner expanding its Roadside Digital (RSD) sites footprint, increasing its capacity to meet the rising demand.

‘The dynamic nature of RSD integrates the latest programmatic technology, allowing the advertiser to update the artwork in real-time, in line with the needs of the campaign.’ The expansion entails an additional three RSD sites, which will take the media owner’s nationwide RSD network to 23 screens – one of the largest in the country.

As the first double-sided portrait digital screen is set to feature on the iconic Marine drive, Tractor Outdoor ensures that each screen is consciously designed to complement its surroundings, making sure that it does not detract from the natural landscape or clutter the area.

The new sites will be based in Cape Town – a prime market for Tractor, and an area that Harris believes has not yet unlocked its full potential. ‘There are far more sites in Johannesburg than any other province in the country, and so our current focus is on expanding our presence in the Mother City – which will also be one of the first areas to benefit from the return in tourism.’

‘Our knowledge of Cape Town’s signage bylaws have afforded us the opportunity to build one of the largest third party digital sites in the country, and the first double-sided portrait digital screen on the city’s iconic Marine drive.’

Harris said that Tractor also has another 14 RSD sites earmarked for Cape Town, and it plans on adding more sites to its network across various other provinces over the coming months, as well as pivotal arterial routes which it has not previously covered.

The media owner has also just concluded signage rights with Sasol Forecourts, expanding its nationwide outdoor footprint through an additional 100 digital screens. This move will take the media owner’s total digital inventory count to 222 screens.

Harris acknowledges his colleague and General Manager Michael Brits, who he said has played an instrumental role in growing the RSD network. ‘Brits, who has been with Tractor for over a decade, has a thorough understanding of the signage bylaws, and an astute ability to spot exciting new opportunities. We’re excited to be in a position to grow our footprint in order to increase our capacity, which, in turn, also demonstrates a recovery in our advertisers’ industries – and an encouraging resumption of economic activity.’

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