#Loeries2019 DStv Seminar of Creativity Will Unlock Art And Science Of Successful Brands

Loeries DStv Seminar of Creativity To Reveal Future-focused Strategies For Business Transformation
DStv seminar of creativity speakers.

Brand communication is a combination of art and science that demands constant innovation. Loeries CEO, Andrew Human said that creativity is now more in demand than ever before. And while brands and companies recognise innovative creativity as the key to greater brand success in the future, many remain unsure of the best way forward.

The DStv Seminar of Creativity, which takes place on Friday 23 August as part of Loeries Creative Week in Durban, is a once-off opportunity to hear from global creative leaders the secrets of innovation and future-focused strategies for business transformation. ‘Loeries Creative Week is far more than acknowledging industry successes,’ said Human. ‘A key part of the week is the gathering of industry leaders to unlock the critical mix of art and science of successful brands.’

Forward thinking is key for any business, as is communicating with customers in a way that draws them in and makes them engage with your brand. But what are the secrets of balancing creativity and operations? How do we develop a workplace culture that will enable us to successfully compete with much larger global players? And how do we validate what we are communicating through unique creative experiences, giving people a story to tell, rather than just telling people a story?

Africa and the Middle East is a hotbed of diversity. International experience indicates that homogenous teams produce homogenous outcomes, while diverse teams, built on different perspectives and experiences, innovate faster and more meaningfully. Instead of fearing diversity and trying to equalise all our cultures, how do we harness the power of diversity?

Creative and innovative brands are not lucky – it takes work and a successful formula. There are practical and structured tools of creativity that can be applied to make businesses more creative, more effective and, perhaps most importantly, improve the bottom line.

These ideas are at the heart of the DStv Seminar of Creativity. Speakers include Nedal Ahmed, Senior Copywriter at 72andSunny, Amsterdam; Ravid Kuperberg, a partner at Mindscapes International; Tara Mckenty, Creative Director at Google APAC, Sydney; Ralf Heuel, CCO and Partner, Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg; Katja Thielen, Co-Founder, Together Design, London and Manuel Bordé, Executive Creative Director, TBWA\RAAD Dubai. Loeries Creative Week takes place from 22 to 25 August 2019 in Durban.