Yum Yum Releases 2019 Video Marketing Trends Infographic


According to Yum Yum Videos, video marketing has been a reliable medium to get people’s attention and get your business’s message across for a while now. And as 2019 continues to unfold, we are getting more and more data signalling its continuing growth and relevance.

Not only are most businesses planning to invest in it this year, but they want to go big. About two thirds of business owners plan to make at least three marketing videos this year. Not surprising, given that nearly all (87%) of those who invested in video marketing previously are satisfied with their ROI.

Yum Yum Videos surveyed 167 business owners across the U.S. on their video marketing strategy for 2019, how it compared to the previous year, and some additional data on its social media performance.

Most businesses are making more than 3 videos in 2019. Among all the video marketing statistics Yum Yum got from their survey, perhaps the least surprising is that two thirds (67%) of all businesses surveyed are planning to make more than three videos this year. To get specific, 34% intend to make between three and six videos, 19% between six and ten, and 14% plan to make more than ten videos in 2019. This increase comes to support the idea that business owners, decision-makers, and marketers are clear on the relevance and importance of a sound video strategy.

Given the potential benefits businesses can get from video marketing (namely, boosts in conversions, increased sales, improved brand awareness, more social media engagement, more traffic and time spent on site), it’s hard to argue their enthusiasm.

The Yum Yum survey also addressed the confidence most companies are placing in video marketing. 66% of queried business owners think the video is the marketing tool that will have the most impact on their 2019 strategy.

And that’s not mere perception, either. Take a look at the most relevant video marketing statistics over the past year to trace the exponential growth video is experiencing across multiple industries and channels.

For instance, there are clear video marketing statistics that indicate people want to see more videos from brands – around 53% of consumers say so. YouTube is getting over 400 hours worth of video each minute. And two of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, have doubled down on their video-first philosophy.

In other words, the table has already been set, and most businesses are already moving to capitalise on the demands of a video-hungry audience.

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