Viscom Africa Rebrands As Modern Marketing

Viscom Africa Is Now Modern Marketing

The online newsletter for end users of signs, digital graphics and all visual communications, Viscom Africa, has been rebranded to Modern Marketing. The website has 8500 monthly visitors and a 20,000 email database size with 4000-5000 opens of the weekly newsletter and emailers.

Modern Marketing is a holistic, adaptive methodology that connects brands with real customers and drives business results by blending strategy, creative, technology, and analysis. Modern marketing is an evolved mix of strategic marketing, traditional marketing, internet and new media, and better results measurement. Modern marketing is more effective. More cost-efficient. More measurable. More targeted. More social and mobile. Editorial content will cover all aspects related to marketing in a modern way, including future trends and groundbreaking technologies.

Modern Marketing readership

The readership profile of Modern Marketing will expand and will comprise of marketing professionals, design and advertising professionals, brand and product teams, media owners, retail merchandising managers, business owners, creative directors, graphic designers, architects, interior decorators and buyers of media and branding.

Advertising rates (all rates exclude agency commission):

Banners sizes costs (excl. VAT)

• Long banner (horizontal) 600 x 80 pixels: R3025 per month, make-up cost: R650.
• Side banner (vertical) 340 x 280 pixels: R3905 per month, make-up cost R650.
• Side banner (vertical) 340 x 160 pixels: R3075 per month, make-up cost: R650.
• Highest traffic: Top of page* 600 x 80 pixels: R6545, make-up cost: R650.
• Highest traffic: Bottom of page* 600 x 80 pixels: R6545, make-up cost: R650.

* Booked for one month only.

Banner Specifications
• Banners need to be supplied as animated GIF files and must not exceed 30kb in file size.
• Static banners need to be supplied as PNG files and will be then converted to GIF files.


A promotional emailer is your dedicated advert emailed to our entire database of over 20,000 registered email addresses.

Size: 600 pixels wide by any length. File size must not exceed 130kb.
Cost (excl. VAT): R6585.
Make-up cost: R650.

Specials Emailer

Size: 600 pixels wide by 260 pixels high. File size must not exceed 60kb
Cost (excl. VAT): R2500.
Make-up cost: R650.

Emailer Specifications
• Emailer files must be supplied in html format including images.
• Emailers should contain more text than images for maximum reach.

Product Finder: free six-months subscription – Product Finder is a new section that is coming soon. It will provide a quick, easy way to find products and suppliers. Should you wish to participate in our launch special of having your company listed free for the first six-months or would like to advertise please contact and if you would like to send us industry related news, email: