Tractor Outdoor Sponsors Project Dignity’s Subzpads Initiative

Tractor Outdoor Sponsors Project Dignity’s Subzpads Initiative

Tractor Outdoor partnered with NGO Project Dignity to assist with their Subzpads Initiative (disposable sanitary pads and panties for underprivileged girls) by contributing advertising space on Tractor’s digital network to promote the campaign.

Sue Barnes, Director at Project Dignity said, ’We give hope to young girls and empower them; giving them an opportunity to feel free, to participate in daily activities and not to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Close to 4 million girls aged between 10-19 years in South Africa miss a week of school every month and it’s affecting their education. The aim of Project Dignity is to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their education by providing them with Subzpads.’

The Subzpads are manufactured by Subz (Pty) and are distributed through Project Dignity. They have been producing these packs and distributing them to schoolgirls all over South Africa.

‘We feel very honoured in being part of such an uplifting initiative that gives back to the underprivileged. Barnes and her team are doing an amazing job by changing these girls’ lives for the better, and one cannot forget that these girls play a vital role in the future of our economy and are the future of our country. The donation of just one pack could last a girl her entire high school career and allow her to not be embarrassed or worried so that she can attend school,’ said Ben Harris, Rights and Development Director at Tractor Outdoor.

Subzpads are sustainable and could last a girl between three to five years. They also do not contain any gels or chemicals and are therefore allergy free and eco-friendly.