Tractor Outdoor And Oasis Media Team Up To Expand DOOH Footprint In SA

Tractor Outdoor And Oasis Media Team Up To Expand DOOH Footprint In SA

Tractor Outdoor and Oasis Outdoor Media have collaborated for the sales and marketing of the Oasis Forecourt digital network, making Tractor one of the biggest DOOH networks in the country with over 100 digital Out-of-Home screens nationally.

This partnership will provide Oasis with the additional market penetration to meet the rapid expansion of this footprint. This will allow Oasis to focus on the development side of the business, which includes innovations it wishes to introduce relating to mobile marketing and other features while Tractor can bring its substantial client base to the partnership.

Simon Wall, Managing Director at Tractor Outdoor said, ’Tractor has made a big play in the digital space in the last year, and we have in effect streamlined our content management systems, making it possible for advertisers to have a single point of entry for what is arguably the biggest DOOH network in the country. With the inclusion of the Huq data; real-world consumer research database, we can now offer clients a clearly defined and meaningful customer journey of the target market they wish to influence.’

Reinhardt Hanel, CEO of Oasis Outdoor Media, said he is delighted about the synergies. ‘Not only are we both Cape Town based companies with a national footprint and presence, but our management styles and vision for the future are completely aligned. We believe that we have truly found the best possible partners in the industry and already the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.’

The screens are located across multiple petrol stations across Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth. All these stations are also in partnership with major banking companies and fast food outlets that can be found on the premises. With the average dwell time spent at petrol stations being five minutes and many motorists having to top up fuel, advertisers have the opportunity to remarket their campaigns according to their exact target market.

‘Tractor is also able to develop highly accurate cost per thousand (CPM) valuation metrics through the utilisation of the Huq data, which enables buyers and planners to do like for like comparisons with other campaigns that they may be running online, and in many instances they have found that advertising on the Tractor DOOH Network is in fact a far more cost effective way of reaching an audience than many other online/digital campaigns,’ said Bruce Burgess of IRL Consulting.