Think Creative Africa And Pink Ribbon Hosting Breast Cancer Awareness Event With A Difference


October is Cancer awareness month and Think Creative Africa along with Pink Ribbon are hosting their second annual breast cancer event on 26 October 2019. This aims to educate women about the importance of self-examinations to help detect breast cancer at an early stage.

Feel, dance, learn, play and feel again. ‘The Feel Party’ combines play, poetry and music to bring breast cancer awareness to the fore during October. The campaign is designed to connect with women in an authentic way that doesn’t intimidate or alienate.

Nkgabiseng Motau, founding partner at Think Creative Africa said, ‘Oftentimes breast cancer awareness comes with a great deal of trepidation for most women but ‘The Feel Party’ wanted to talk about breast cancer awareness in a way that could be understood and enjoyed.’

She said that there are a lot of feelings associated with breast cancer but sometimes it feels like women have no safe spaces to feel those feelings. ‘The tone of conversations must change from frightening to approachable. This is a fun campaign. The logo, for instance, is an ode to varying types of boobs. Current awareness that exists around breast cancer is devoid of the kind of cultural nuance that we believe can influence action. We want women to examine their breasts regularly and through our campaign, which encompasses several touchpoints, we want to encourage behavioural change,’ Motau added.

Email to book your free spot, limited spots available.