Gawk Hosting Interactive Showcase Of TRIGA’s Versatile Textile Display Solutions For Marketing And Events

Gawk Hosting Interactive Showcase Of TRIGA Versatile Textile Display Solutions For Marketing And Events

The Gawk Visual Engineers and TRIGA DISPLAY teams are hosting an interactive showcase of practical, cost effective and versatile textile display solutions to coincide with the rebuild of the expo and event industries. This workshop is ideal for brand and marketing managers, events and conference coordinators, stand builders, retail merchandising managers, business owners and graphic designers.

Visitors can explore, build and get creative with TRIGA’s display solutions and retail activations in their own time during the workshop. Gawk is all about pushing boundaries, whilst creating jaw-dropping, sleek and professional display solutions and workshop attendees will experience how they can stretch their marketing budgets and make their brands shine.

‘The advantages of TRIGA really hits home once customers experience a live demonstration and build the system themselves. We trust that workshops such as this will drive the message and also serve as a platform to see all the accessories and custom elements that makes TRIGA unique, and not just another textile system,’ said Sandro Corrado, Gawk Visual Engineers.

Date: 3rd June 2022, 8h30 – 15h30. Free entry.
Venue: The Shed and Silo, 77 Thomas road, Norton Home Estates, Benoni.
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+27 10 786 4295