Teljoy Campaign Normalises Rent-To-Own Concept


Teljoy teamed up with comedy production company Panther Punch to launch the #Normalise campaign. 

The key message of the campaign is around normalising rent-to-own. A series of short and sharp videos feature actors Oliver Booth, Glen Biderman-Pam and Lazola Gola. The slice-of-life scenarios highlight typical instances in which rent-to-own is the ideal solution to a very real and relatable problem. 

Aimee Miller, Marketing and Sales Manager at Teljoy said, ‘The videos, created by Panther Punch, are so engaging because they speak to a situation that we’ve all found ourselves in at some point, while also highlighting to consumers that renting is in fact already a part of their lives through some of the things they pay monthly fees for, such as cellphone contracts. It’s important to us to help alleviate the debt burden and by normalising renting and helping people understand why it’s a safer and more flexible solution, we can do this,’