South Africans With A Passion For Digital To Converge At IAB Summit19

South Africans With A Passion For Digital To Converge At IAB Summit19

In only five years, the IAB Summit has become known as the place to network, engage with leading digital thinkers and get a glimpse of where digital innovation in South Africa is headed.

At the 5th Annual IAB Summit19, South Africans with a passion for digital will converge under the theme: The New Now, Transformation through the Power of Digital.

1. Deep dives on the most important topics affecting digital

This year’s summit covers all facets of The New Now, from corporates evolving through digital disruption and results-driven digital product development to the intersection of marketing and street culture, youth participation in digital and using online tools to empower underprivileged communities. If it is trending, it will be on the lineup at the IAB Summit19. Every talk will be 30 minutes or less, giving attendees enough meat to go back and implement the principles in their own businesses.

2. New, live tech showcases

It is important to connect the theory and best practices of digital with its practical use and impact, which is why this year’s summit will include new 15 minute demos showing technology in action with live audience participation.

3. Quick, snackable insights from brand leaders

The goal of the IAB Summit19 is for the audience to learn as much as possible, and leave with insights, tips and strategies that can be adapted in their own environments. For this reason, the IAB SA has introduced a series of 10×5’s, which are five minute bursts of fast learning insights from leaders in the direct brand economy. Each speaker will have 10 slides, with 10 insights, lessons or values that they would like to share.

4. A focus on talented youth

While there will be plenty of experienced industry stalwarts sharing their knowledge, the IAB wants to celebrate the youth who are making waves in our industry. Youth bring the perspective and state of mind to lead businesses into the next evolution of the digital economy. Now is the time to focus on young rock stars who are already propelling our industry forward into 2019 and beyond.

5. Network with the best publishers, brands and agencies

The IAB Summit19 is not only about what is presented on stage, but what goes on off stage too. As a meeting of digital minds, the IAB Summit19 is a gathering of leading digital execs, as well as up-and-coming talent. All facets of digital marketing in South Africa will be represented, making it a melting pot of the most innovative thinkers in the industry.

To book your ticket, click here. To learn more about the programme, event sponsors and the lineup of the day, visit the event website – IAB members get a discount.

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