South African Publishers Launch Video Private Marketplace


Caxton, Media24, TisoBlackStar, The Daily Maverick and TheSouthAfrican have collectively established a partnership with Australian video company, Oovvuu, and have now launched a new and inventory-rich Video Private Marketplace.
Digital consumers continue to show a strong preference for accessible and engaging online video content, affording brands the opportunity to reach target markets through compelling video advertising.
Oovvuu sources quality video content from premier international publishers, distributing it to South African consumers through trusted local publishers. Oovvuu collated videos will be thematically linked to each article’s respective subject matter and be displayed within the body of news and entertainment articles.
Although suggested videos will be sourced via machine learning and AI, editorial approval is still required to guarantee quality to both advertisers and readers at all times. To streamline booking processes for Oovvuu clients, a convenient and centralised platform called Connect has been built. Through Connect, agencies can purchase from all publishers at once.
This multi-publisher partnership with Oovvuu means that agencies can now offer clients substantial exposure to credible, brand-safe websites outside of the Facebook and YouTube environments. Unlike Facebook and YouTube, pre-roll ads on Oovvuu content cannot be skipped, leading to longer engagement times and an increased opportunity for meaningful brand engagement.
Video ads on Oovvuu have already displayed high viewability, completion and click-through rates. Advertisers are exposed to a significant risk of finding digital assets on exceptionally brand un-safe content given the recent avalanche of disinformation campaigns on Facebook and YouTube. Oovvuu solves this problem.
Oovvuu CEO, Ricky Sutton noted, ‘When we originally met with South African media agencies, there were three primary requirements: brand safety, engagement and cost-effective scalability. Agencies want the ability to buy volume with one click, therefore Connect was created, allowing agencies to buy from all publishers at once.’