Relativ Media Announces Uber As Driver-Partner


Relativ Media is rolling out a new offering that will see it branding qualifying Uber driver-partner vehicles at various locations across South Africa. 

According to Uber South Africa, the company has over one million active riders and has over 13,000 active independent drivers. Andrew Cooper, group sales director at Relativ Media said, ‘Transit advertising creates meaningful connections with consumers as they move throughout their day in the real world. Transit ads have a unique scale of reach that cuts through the clutter with street-level engagement.’

Relativ Media’s initial offering, using Uber as the technological application for their new means of advertising, will include partially wrapping — or, in a world-first — wrapping the entire vehicle in a clients’ branding for UberX, Uber XL and Uber Van.

Relativ Media said that its deal with Uber opens new opportunities and value for both its new and existing clients. Cooper said that there are benefits of transit advertising, particularly in cities that don’t allow for much outdoor advertising. These include Cape Town, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth. ‘Clients can now roll out campaigns and be seen by audiences in areas which may not have previously been an option for them.’

‘Other beneficiaries of the deal between the two companies and probably the most meaningful include the Uber driver-partners themselves. This offering is a focused effort by Uber to unlock further earning opportunities for their independent drivers, especially during these difficult times. A large percentage of the advertising revenue will go to the drivers,’ said Cooper. ‘We now have the widest network of large format iconic digital screens in South Africa and will continue to grow this network in appropriate areas.’

Sijadu Mzozoyana, CEO of Relativ Media, said, ‘In a pandemic environment like the one we are in now, it made sense to work with a trusted brand like Uber that looks to uplift the wellbeing of everyone in its community, especially drivers. A significant percentage of revenue generated off this platform goes to drivers who use the Uber app and it is incredibly meaningful in the context of Covid-19.’