BrandQuantum Multilanguage Offering Meets Needs Of Growing Global User Base


The Multilanguage ribbon is now available in over 60 languages including Afrikaans, Mandarin, Arabic and German across BrandQuantum’s full offering including BrandMail and BrandOffice.

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, ‘As our user base of customers has expanded globally, we needed to adapt the ribbon to meet the various language needs of our users. To achieve this we have introduced a Multilanguage ribbon option, which means that our BrandQuantum users can use our solutions in the language of their choice.’

‘We have seen an increased uptake of BrandMail and BrandOffice internationally with users across the US and Europe using our solutions to deliver consistent branding across all company documents, presentations and emails,’ added Sartini. ‘In engaging with one of our customers, we learned that they had a large staff contingency that was Chinese and would benefit from the solution being available in their home language.’