Prismaflex Launches LED Screens


Prismaflex’s Prismatronic LED screens have been redeveloped and re-launched as Prismatronic BBM2. The company’s Billboard Monitoring System has been redesigned as a simpler and easier to use BBM2 LED control system together with a matching new, better, thinner, lighter and simpler fibre optic connected module.

It features the following benefits:

  • BBM2 has a simpler, easier to use management interface.
  • Modules are thinner and lighter.
  • New module size that enables the ability to build an exact 3m x 6m billboard.
  • Lower power usage.
  • Better IP resistance.
  • Modules connect using dual fibre optic cables that carry signals faster, don’t rust and have redundancy in the event of signal loss in one cable.
  • Early warning system that sends notifications about the screen, modules, power, control, cabling, etc. 
  • Complete remote reporting, right down to pixel level.
  • Monitored both locally and via Prismaflex’s 24-hour monitoring and control centre in France.
  • World-leading Prismatronic modules are imported and the screens are now assembled in South Africa for a faster, better and more cost-effective solution.
  • Local backup and global support via centres of excellence in France, China and USA.
  • BBMmodule features independent and separate power box and receiving cards for easier maintenance and less complication. The result is a lower heat, low power, higher quality, easier to use LED module that remains robust and long lasting.