Primedia Outdoor Executes Gigantic Coke OOH Installation In Zambia

Primedia Outdoor Places A Gigantic Coke In Zambia

Primedia Outdoor and Coca-Cola installed a 12 metre-high bottle in Lusaka, Zambia, as part of their strategy to drive innovation and create a major impact.

This massive structure is made up of steel – welded directly onto a structure of Primedia Outdoor’s billboard and located on the busy, four-lane Kafue Road. Commuters travelling into and out of the city will be met by this larger-than-life structure, creating a spectacular impact.

Tamara van Eeckhoven, COO of Primedia Outdoor (Rest of Africa) said, ‘We take pride in delivering memorable campaigns that come with rich brand experience and appealing creative execution for our clients. The dominance offered by this structure entrenches brand presence and momentously provides greater visual stand-out, particularly in a competitive market like Lusaka.’

‘Our ultimate intention is to dominate and break through the advertising clutter in Lusaka’s inner city, achieving top-of-mind brand awareness in the biggest way possible. We always strive for innovation across all media platforms, including OOH. This is one of the biggest and innovative executions in Zambia, providing an opportunity to target one of the busiest nodes in the city,’ said Shem Oluchiri, Media Manager of Coca Cola ECAF. ‘Collaborating with Primedia Outdoor goes to show our confidence in their capability to deliver exciting and impactful billboard campaigns.’