OLC Runs #ScreamForFantaZA Campaign

OLC Runs #ScreamForFantaZA Campaign

Offlimit Communications (OLC) and Fanta took over Halloween 2018 in a fun and refreshing way, by giving consumers an opportunity to score a free can of ice-cold Fanta with the #ScreamForFantaZA campaign. 

OLC Experiential brought an innovative vending machine to Montecasino. The task was to stand in front of the Fanta vending machine and scream to score a free Fanta. The machine was equipped with a scream-o-meter that gauged the decibels of the scream. If a person screamed loud enough, the meter filled up and a released a free Fanta.

‘Fanta is a fun youth brand, and when we were tasked with executing a Halloween stunt, we were excited to bring this idea to life. This is what we do, we create nuggets of buzz-worthy stunts that live on way after everyone has gone home and we have packed everything up. It’s about memorable moments that can be captured and shared,’ commented OLC Managing Director, Jerome Cohen.