Net#work BBDO Appoints New Partner And CCO

Roanna Williams, new partner and CCO of Net#work BBDO.

Net#work BBDO Group CEO, Boniswa Pezisa, announced the appointment of Roanna Williams as the new partner and CCO.

Williams, whose previous work experience includes Joe Public United and Black River FC, said, ‘Net#work talks about being an African agency at the southern tip of the world, ready to turn the world upside down. I am looking forward to creating impactful, behaviour changing work with the team.’

Marking the agency’s 26th anniversary, Pezisa paid tribute to their founders, ‘Our agency was born 26 years ago today, at the height of the state of emergency – a time when our country was in a lockdown of a different kind. Only Mike Schalit and Keith Shipley – the eternal optimists – would see it fit to create and build something new against that kind of backdrop. They will keep sailing their ships of creative for good. They still have so much to give.’

‘In the middle of a global crisis, a milestone anniversary, and a significant appointment, I wanted to remind you that the agencies that will triumph are the fearless ones, the ones who will do things differently, who will innovate and re-innovate, and move on. It is not lost on me either that at this time, Net#work BBDO will be led by two women: a streetwise girl from Zola who doesn’t suffer fools and a creative that is much more: a tireless creator,’ said Pezisa.