Nedbank Announces Thenetworkone As 2019 IMC Conference Sponsor

Nedbank Announces Thenetworkone As 2019 IMC Conference Sponsor

The 2019 Nedbank IMC Conference has announced that thenetworkone team are on board as one of the sponsors of this year’s Marketing Gets Naked Conference, taking place on 14 March 2019 at Fox Junction in Newtown.

London-based thenetworkone advocates for independent agencies and the benefits that go along with working with owner-managed, less cumbersome creative businesses of all kinds.

Paul Squirrell, Director of thenetworkone said, ‘This year’s theme of stripping back marketing to its roots really spoke to us. We believe in working with the best independent agencies who thrive on that grass-roots approach. In an increasingly globalised world, many international businesses are looking to work with agencies who can create great work that resonates locally as well as delivers against global objectives. They want a good local team of specialists who live and breathe the market they are wanting to tap into.’

‘These companies don’t own the individual cars or guest houses in their network but simply bring clients together with businesses in a global network of need versus service. This is what we do at thenetworkone, we put clients in touch with agencies of all disciplines in different parts of the world depending on needs. We create bespoke global networks on-demand,’ said Squirrell.

Thenetworkone has accredited 1200 independent agencies across 109 countries globally. Networking events, as well as training events, are big on their yearly agenda for their members as well as exciting programmes like staff exchanges. ‘We all know that the beauty of working with an independent agency is that you get the benefit of working with a company that has an innate culture and vision that has been cultivated from the ground up. There’s often little hierarchy and no one is being dictated to by a leadership team in New York, London or Paris; everyone is working toward a common purpose,’ Squirrell added.

IMC CEO, Dale Hefer, has a long-standing relationship with thenetworkone, which started when she was an enthusiastic member while running her independent agency, Chillibush.  ‘I have always been a thenetworkone fan and I am delighted they are part of the conference,’ Hefer commented.

Squirrell hopes that by being a part of the exciting conference, he will be able to meet new independents and marketing clients. ‘I don’t think that African agencies get nearly enough exposure on the global stage that they should. I want to raise visibility for thenetworkone as well as the partnership with the 2019 Nedbank IMC Conference and be able to take back information I learn on the day and say this is the exciting stuff happening in SA at the moment,’ he concluded.

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