Marketing Strategies For Brands To Target Mom-Sumers


Exposure Marketing’s second Power of Mom conference will take place on 25 March 2020. The conference brings together experts to help visitors with their marketing to moms strategies.

Conference director Projeni Pather said, ‘The first Power of Mom conference provided delegates with the opportunity to extend their minds to the infinite opportunities when marketing to moms, to network with like-minded brands, make new and beneficial connections, be exposed to the latest research and to extend to new mom markets.’

The conference in 2020 aims to once again- through sessions with expert speakers and panel discussions with leading brands as well as marketing experts – show delegates how powerful moms are as the decision-makers of the household.

The conference aims to bring a more diverse array of content to the delegates, including how to work with solicited and unsolicited data. It will also provide an answer to what diversity marketing is and how to successfully implement it. Delegates will hear how language is one of the most powerful ways to encourage behavioural change and how valuable having authentic conversations with moms is. 

2020 speaker line-up

  • Esti Prinsloo, Nielsen.
  • Mo Malele, NK Innovation.
  • Kelvin Jonck, YouKnow.
  • Jason Kubheka, VMYL&R.
  • Projeni Pather, Exposure Marketing.
  • Dave Nemeth, Trend Forward.
  • Topaz Booysen, Popimedia.
  • Leigh Crymble, BreadCrumbs.
  • Alan Todd, All Told.
  • Charlene Olivier, Ogilvy.
  • Oyisa Besman, Vodacom.
  • Dharshan Naidoo, InfoBip.

One of the key takeaways from the 2019 conference was that the mom-sumer is ever-changing and any brand that wants to engage with her has to create content that interacts with her at every stage of her life, starting even before she becomes a mother. The Power of Mom 2020 conference looks forward to exploring this further and understanding how to ensure that brands are in her shopping basket.