Email Signature Marketing Is A Powerful Digital Marketing Channel


According to Damian Hamp-Adams, Rocketseed CEO, with the legitimisation of email signatures, mainstream marketing is paying attention.

Students enrolling for the 2020 Digital Brand Strategy course at The IIE’s Vega School will, for the first time ever, be introduced to the role of email signature marketing as a powerful (and highly cost-effective) digital marketing channel.

‘It is fantastic to see an educational facility like Vega including this dynamic channel into their curriculum. Email signature marketing warrants a presence on the syllabus and we’d expect more tertiary education institutions to apply this in the future,’ said Hamp-Adams.

Email signature management software provider, Rocketseed, and digital agency Digitlab will be recognised as a key contributor to the new course material which emphasises the engagement potential of branding businesses’ everyday employee email, which is, after all, their number one communication channel with the average employee sending over 1000 emails every month.

Most email marketing course material focuses on bulk email marketing. In the Digital Brand Strategy course, they dive deeper into email marketing by addressing in-email banners and signature marketing. Going beyond the basics of HTML design and contact lists, students will get to understand the importance of creating an all-encompassing email marketing strategy that reaches people across all email customer touchpoints. Thanks to Rocketseed’s contribution, students will learn about controlling consistent company-wide email signatures to raise brand awareness and reinforce brand familiarity, as well as the role of legal email disclaimers in protecting brands in terms of regulatory compliance, copyright and confidentiality.

From a marketing perspective, the new course material also emphasises the engagement opportunities of branded email banner campaigns – impactful, interactive advertising banners that not only promote but also encourage recipients to directly click-through to company websites, social media channels and key marketing content. As a digital marketing tool, email banners boast not only the ability to be timed and targeted but also extremely high open and click-through rates.

The course also highlights how to choose and use email signature software. Rocketseed has contributed its expertise on email signature design – including the critical call-to-action – as well as guidelines on how to integrate signatures and email banner campaigns into an engaging and effective wider brand marketing strategy.

Mike Saunders from Digitlab said, ‘Email marketing is still a strong and necessary marketing tool but the strategies need to go beyond bulk email blasts. Unfortunately, that is what most marketing programmes focus on. What we have done with the Digital Brand Strategy programme is expand on all the email customer touchpoints that marketers can use to build their brand, drive culture, generate leads and communicate more efficiently.’