Mall Ads Launches Mall Radio

Mall Ads Launches Mall Radio

Mall Radio airs across 10 malls, reaching 3.5 million shoppers monthly. The platform is non-intrusive, adds value and stimulates the senses as shoppers proceed on their shopping journey.

With media and audience fragmentation, Mall Radio provides the ideal vehicle to influence consumers with brand messaging and call to action when they are in a purchasing frame of mind and have a predisposition to making impulse purchases. The channel is targeted and communicates directly with the desired audience as it offers location and genre-specific music interspersed with advertising broadcasts in audience-specific languages.

John Faia, GM, Mall Ads, is excited to be offering yet another targeted, effective media platform to clients – one that maximises reach as well as overall media spend resulting in superior ROI. ‘Radio is a medium that really resonates with the consumer because it creates an emotional connection. It is especially focused in cluttered environments such as malls where numerous brands are vying for attention. Radio slices neatly through this clutter and with content that resonates with the shopper, it enhances OOH and traditional media spend and works effectively as a stand-alone to target a very particular audience.’