Dior And Primedia Outdoor Spread Joy

Dior And Primedia Outdoor Spread New Joy

Primedia Outdoor collaborated with Dior on a campaign for the launch of its new perfume, JOY. Primedia Outdoor is delivering holistic mall media solutions through hanging banners, escalators and interior billboards along the main walkways ensuring that shoppers have the opportunity to see messages on the move.

Salome Viera, Visual Merchandiser of Dior said, ‘Women find shopping and spending to be pleasurable, especially in malls. With that in mind, this campaign will significantly create a bespoke shopper experience and open up all sorts of possibilities for brand engagement.’

This campaign is currently running in selected shopping malls in Cape Town (V & A Waterfront and Canal Walk) and Johannesburg (Eastgate and Sandton City) throughout the month of September with a combined monthly foot count of 7,361,771 on average.

These high-end malls were found to be fitting for this launch considering their unique capabilities to create personalised shopper experiences through their high-impact advertising displays in coveted spaces. Taking into account the needs of customers which range from variety, convenience, safety and ambience to ease of access, these four distinctive shopping malls have proven to meet all of those needs to attract shoppers and increase their stay time.

Commenting on the suitability of malls for product launches within the luxury category, Peter Lindstrom, Sales and Marketing Executive of Primedia Outdoor said, ‘Considering the competitive nature of the luxury goods industry, mall media allows brands to connect with shoppers beyond the point-of-purchase and momentously deliver stand-out advertising solutions when they are evaluating their purchase decisions – this is important when introducing new products or services.’