Liberty Announces Brand Refresh

A clip from Liberty's new ad campaign.

With a new a pay-off line ‘In it with you’ Liberty says that the time to rely only on just its innovative heritage is gone. It is time to evolve, to show up better, to connect more and truly be a life partner – especially in times when it feels like the world has turned upside down.

While the iconic flame logo still represents Liberty’s desire to give clients the freedom to grow their wealth and leave a proud legacy for their families, there has been work in the background to shift towards more transparency, more time for clients, and more giving back to communities.

A bank of audio-visual content, including a television advert to signal this intent to the market, launched on 5 September, and it will run across various media platforms for a few weeks. It is a ‘humanifesto’ to focus more on connecting with its clients and their communities.

‘Being ‘in it with you’, means leaning into human conversation, and expressing interest. We want clients to know there is a holistic interest, not just about your finances. The Liberty Financial Adviser is the centre of this conversation, being the human manifestation of Liberty, to learn what you’re like as a human being and all of your idiosyncrasies – and this is evident in the execution of the advert,’ said Chief Marketing Officer at Liberty, Thabang Ramogase.

Ramogase said the need for Liberty to reinvent itself as a more customer-focused brand has been a long time coming. ‘People need more than just new products, advice and expertise. If they are trusting a financial services provider with their money – their livelihood – they need to know that the people in charge of such important investments care about them.’