Aluvin Partners With Firejuice For Marketing Strategy Services


Aluvin, a supplier of security seals and bags in Southern Africa, has appointed Firejuice to provide outsourced marketing management and marketing strategy services.

‘Working with Aluvin would always be exciting, but it is especially relevant right now. During a global health pandemic, there is extra focus on safety, security and hygiene, and at Firejuice we believe there is great potential in unveiling to the world the importance of Aluvin’s offering,’ said Moshoeu Lebelo, Project Manager at Firejuice.

Kevin Norwitz, Aluvin’s Managing Director said, ‘Because we provide some of the biggest players in the South African economy with security seals and bags, the Aluvin brand is already well-known. But it deserves to be professionally managed as a key asset. Our brief to Firejuice has been to help us to grow awareness and build reach, in support of our sales efforts.’

Bernard Jansen, founder of Firejuice, concluded, ‘Firejuice is unique in that we work with entrepreneurial companies and we are known for helping them to execute marketing projects professionally yet affordably. In the case of Aluvin, the company has a rich history of adding value to the supply chains of their own clients, and we aim to play a partnership role in packaging and promoting this worthy value proposition for them.’