JCDecaux Launches Airport Audience Measurement

JCDecaux Launches Airport Audience Measurement

JCDecaux’s Airport Audience Measurement (AAM) will strengthen the scientific approach to terminal deployments around the world, enrich data planning tools and customer reports thanks to the new data as well as open the airport universe to new brands.

With the aim of providing advertisers and agencies with uniform measurement indicators around the world, this innovative and novel methodology was designed in collaboration with Veltys, a company specialising in complex data analysis, processing and modelling. In addition to the rules and measurement standards inherent in external communication, frequency and flow specificities at airports have been integrated to achieve unprecedented levels of granularity and accuracy in determining results.

These factors are therefore considered:
– The international scope.
– The passenger frequency data per terminal and per day.
– The concept of single passenger.
– The impact of waiting times on the criterion of repetition of a campaign.
– Information related to passenger movements in different areas of the airport.

The design and development of AAM took almost 18 months of work in the JCDecaux Data Department in partnership with JCDecaux Airport, JCDecaux OneWorld and Veltys. The AAM relies on a number of external data sources (NPD Travel Retail – formerly CiR, specific studies, airport platform data, etc.) and internal data sources (sensors, IoT, etc.) This is built on algorithms that calculate key metrics indispensable to any audience measurement, in particular the number of unique passengers, the coverage, the repetition of the advertising message on the target and the total number of impressions.

The details of the methodology, sources, algorithms and results were submitted to CESP, an independent inter-agency body responsible for auditing media audience measurements in France, which presented satisfactory conclusions both on the approach chosen and on potential developments.

Developed in pilot mode for Paris Aéroport and then to Changi Airport Singapore in April, international audience measurement at airports will be progressively launched at major airport hubs operated by JCDecaux. It will also power the VIOOH programme platform. Within each airport, only networks composed of at least three pieces of furniture will be measured and the first phase of deployment will be for digital networks only.

With the launch of this new international standard, JCDecaux Airport, present in 215 airports on five continents, pursues its goal: to develop effective, impactful and qualified outdoor communication solutions worldwide.

Jean-Charles Decaux, Chairman of the Board and Co-Managing Director of JCDecaux said, ‘We are proud to have started and completed the first worldwide standard for measuring airport audiences, namely the concept of time passed by a passenger in the furniture exhibition area (dwell time) and single passenger. It will offer our advertising partners, agencies and airport authorities new measurement indicators with unmatched acuity and accuracy for our airport environment, particularly suited to global, regional and national campaigns. Airport advertising is a fast-growing medium, sustained by more than four billion passengers in 2018 and expected to double by 2040, according to ICA forecasts. This unprecedented methodology will demonstrate even more specifically the effectiveness of JCDecaux in the airport environment around the world.’