IAB SA Launches Its Industry-First White Paper That Unpacks Content Marketing

IAB SA Launches Its Industry-First White Paper

2022’s State of Content Marketing in South Africa – powered by DSTV Media Sales – was compiled by some of South Africa’s leading content marketing experts in collaboration with an industry survey conducted amongst IAB members in 2021. The white paper seeks to understand the maturity of content marketing in South Africa.

In addition, the white paper unpacks how content marketing is being used by brands and specialist agencies in South Africa; what content marketing means within our landscape and what its future looks like.

Covering everything from content marketing’s role in a cookie-less future to its application in the B2B landscape post-pandemic, the white paper is rich with ideas, insights and examples that every marketer, publisher and brand should consider for 2022 and beyond.

‘Content marketing has come a long way in South Africa. With this white paper, we have tried to educate and enlighten, to pay homage to its past and present, and to create direction and excitement for its future,’ said Anelde Greeff, co-founder and chief content officer of 2Stories, member of the IAB’s Digital Content Marketing Committee and editor of the white paper. Download the white paper.

‘Our job at the IAB is to develop an understanding of how the South African digital marketing industry will change as it matures, and content marketing is a key element. Part of how the IAB does this is through white papers such as this one, produced by our Digital Content Marketing Committee, which is made up of local industry representatives from agencies, publishers and brands. We are proud to present this white paper to the industry so that we can continue to better understand and deploy content marketing within our digital marketing efforts,’ added Razia Pillay, IAB SA’s CEO.

Inside the white paper:

– Digital content marketing defined by Sarah Browning-de Villiers (Machine_, Publicis Groupe) and Emma Odendaal (John Brown Media).
– A brief history of content marketing in South Africa by Helena Gavera (Cedar SA/King James Group).
– Is content marketing still relevant? By Dominique Bowen (Machine_).
– The local agency landscape by Bronwen Bowley (Jellyfish).
– Content marketing in a post-Covid, online B2B world by Gugu-Lisa Zwane-Johnson (Old Mutual).
– The importance of a content marketing strategy by Brendan Cooper (Cedar SA/King James Group).
– Why content marketing is key to winning in a world where first-party data is king by Sarah Browning-de Villiers (Machine_, Publicis Groupe).
– Safety in numbers by Emma Odendaal (John Brown Media) and Megan Singh (New Media).
– Industry case studies.
– Last word: What’s next in content marketing? By Anelde Greeff (2Stories).

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