Grey Africa Appoints Strategist And Senior Traffic Manager

Dineo Bodibe, new Strategist and Samantha Di Terlizzi, new Senior Traffic Manager at Grey Africa.

Grey Africa announced the appointment of Dineo Bodibe as a Strategist and Samantha Di Terlizzi as the Senior Traffic Manager.

Bodibe has 13 years’ experience in market research and brand consulting and has worked on financial services, tech, telco, aviation, beverages and food and retail brands over the course of her career. Prior to joining Grey, Bodibe was a Strategist at Yellowwood. 

Bodibe said, ‘I am feeling very happy in my new role and am enjoying working closely with the creatives. I strongly believe that strategy adds great value to campaigns, but shouldn’t have to be as complicated as some agencies make it seem,’ she said. In her previous role at Digify Africa, formerly known as Livity, Bodibe worked closely with youth markets and the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy. She has also worked at KLA, where she spent five years developing her qualitative research skills.

Stuart Walsh, Chief Strategy Officer at Grey Advertising Africa said, ‘We are excited to have Bodibe in our department as she brings a strong background in research methods and insights. I also believe that her training in politics will serve us well, as it brings something different to our department.’

Di Terlizzi has 18 years’ experience in the advertising industry, having most recently worked at FCB Africa on numerous South African brands, including Toyota, Coke, Sasol, South African Tourism, Wimpy and Tiger Brands.

‘I have been admiring Grey from a distance for a few years now, and have been impressed by the agency’s growth and inspiring leadership. I’m excited to join the team. I believe that my focus on excellence in traffic, scheduling, efficient use of resources and delivering on time while still maintaining the quality of output, will make an excellent addition to this agency,’ Di Terlizzi said. 

‘Having worked in both client service and traffic, I’ve combined my skills from the business learnings and the operational front, together with being a certified scrum master. I hope to use these skills to streamline processes and enhance collaboration and communication at Grey,’ continued Di Terlizzi. 

‘I’m very happy indeed that Di Terlizzi has joined us. I believe her years of experience will strengthen the current team that we have. Her short time here has already wielded great changes in our department and I look forward to the learnings that she will continue to share with us,’ said Marilyn Houston, Operations Director at Grey.