FinTech Launches Platform To Develop Marketing Professionals

Payal Raina, Founder of FinTech Marketing.

FinTech Marketing’s new platform enables its members to build a network of marketing professionals, share insights and discuss best practices. Members will also be able to train and develop marketing careers through tailored training and mentoring programmes for the fintech sector. 

The community is driven by a peer-powered network and is directed by an advisory board comprised of global market leaders and experts, including academics, researchers and practitioners from global banks and fintech companies such as Wealth Dynamix and Firebrand Research, among others. 

Payal Raina, Founder of FinTech Marketing said, ‘The role of a fintech marketer is very different from a traditional B2B marketing role for two reasons. Firstly, the fast-paced nature of the fintech landscape and, secondly, the highly regulated environment, which add a huge level of complexity to a marketer’s role when trying to sell financial and technology products and services. The FinTech Marketing community is built for and by fintech marketers to solve those challenges and bridge the knowledge gap.’

One of the core parts of the community is its training offering. FinTech Marketing’s courses have been developed by academic professionals and senior fintech practitioners with a high level of knowledge and experience. The training courses have been tailored according to different levels of experience in order to foster individual ability.

Raina continued, ‘I passionately believe that fintech marketers are uniquely placed to shape the future of fintech by helping to set their company’s long-term growth and drive profitability. I also believe that our community will be a game-changer for those fintech marketers.’