Global Out Of Home Media Reduces Carbon Footprint With Solar-Powered Billboard In Cameroon


Global Out Of Home Media has launched a number of initiatives in its drive toward reducing its carbon footprint and supporting its environmentally-responsible stance. The company recently unveiled the first of its solar-powered gantry billboards in Cameroon’s largest city and economic capital, Douala.

The city is home to Central Africa’s largest port and its busiest international airport, Douala International Airport. The solar powered gantry is situated along the key arterial route leading to the airport which handles an average of 1.5 million passengers and 50,000 tonnes of freight per year.

Converting to solar on the African continent just makes sense, thanks to the abundance of natural sunlight available, but it’s also an efficient approach to business, with the billboard constantly lit at night and delivering greater impact and visibility 24/7.

Romain Guillemard, Global Out Of Home Media’s General Manager said, ‘It’s an efficient use of solar power, but the main thing is that we’re making a change and a statement, because we’re sensitive to the environment and believe Global Out Of Home Media can play a role in driving awareness of this important issue. Our solar-powered sites are in line with modern day best practice and Global Out of Home Media activities across the continent. We continue to look for ways in which to do business in a socially and environmentally-responsible manner.’

The booming city plays host to a number of business environments, malls – Douala Grand Mall is currently being built in close proximity to the airport and when complete, will be the biggest mall in Central Africa – hotels, restaurants and night life venues. With its robust economic and social base, the city is an ideal destination for brands and advertisers to deliver advertising messages in the Out-of-Home environment to an upwardly mobile and affluent audience.