Geopoll Wins Best Mobile-Based Research Solutions Brand Award

The GeoPoll team with their award.

The Digital Tech Excellence awards have named Geopoll as the best mobile-based research solutions brand.

The Awards, held in Nairobi in December 2019, recognise brands in various sectors that have successfully adopted digital solutions in their day to day operations and by doing so, serve their clients more conveniently and have positively impacted their sectors.

The annual awards event had over 50 firms who have been most exemplary in their use of digital solutions in their industries. Commenting on the award, GeoPoll’s Regional Director for East Africa, John Paul Murunga said, ‘This award is a true testament of the confidence that our clients and the market at large have for GeoPoll. This is a team of young, talented and highly driven professionals and winning this accolade is a product of the concerted efforts of the entire GeoPoll team. As an organisation that has its foundation anchored on technology and innovation, GeoPoll will continue to provide agile and quality solutions that speak to the needs in the market.’

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