Facebook And Red & Yellow Support Young Talent Through #Loeries2020 Partnerships

Facebook And Red & Yellow Support Young Talent And Drive Meaningful Change In SA Through #Loeries2020 Partnership

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business in Cape Town, joins forces with Africa and the Middle East’s premier award as the official education partner of the Loeries. Facebook is sponsoring the Student Category at the Loeries in order to champion diverse and young creative talent, for the fifth consecutive year.

This includes the much-coveted Loeries Student Instagram Challenge, which sees students tackle a real-world problem through the power of mobile creative. Young people in Africa and the Middle East were invited to create a mobile-first Instagram campaign for underage drinking in association with Aware.org – the Association for Alcohol Awareness and Responsibility. The discussions and debates were shown across three channels: Loeries Presents, Loeries Conversations and Loeries Engage which include an interactive workshop with Instagram.

Instagram winners

Awards Credits
Student Instagram category, in partnership with Facebook
A Bronze Loerie goes to Jasmine Acton, Ria-Mari van Rooyen, Erin Knoesen from IIE-Vega for Aware.org Drinking Games College/University: IIE-Vega;
Lecturer: Christiaan Graaff, Darren Meltz, Farrell West;
Student: Jasmine Acton, Ria-Mari van Rooyen, Erin Knoesen
A Bronze Loerie goes to Ncumisa Vabaza, Abongile Nongqoza, Busisiwe Laveni, Tembukazi Ncanisa from Nelson Mandela University for Aware.org Who Influenced Who? campaign College/University: Nelson Mandela University;
Lecturer: Senzo Xulu;
Student: Ncumisa Vabaza, Abongile Nongqoza, Busisiwe Laveni, Tembukazi Ncanisa
A Silver Loerie goes to Anna Durr from Red & Yellow Creative School of Business for Aware.org You can make it campaign College/University: Red & Yellow Creative School of Business;
Lecturer: Carmen Schaefer;
Student: Anna Durr

This year, in celebration of Instagram’s 10th year anniversary, the Loeries also played home to a virtual ‘House of Instagram’ on 17 November, where key Instagram trends and innovations were highlighted.

‘We are really excited about how young people are using the mobile canvas, specifically Instagram, to create, innovate and, in keeping with the Loeries theme, #CreateChange,’ said Elizma Nolte, Regional Marketing Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at Facebook. ‘At a time that society is debating the dangers of underage drinking and promoting behaviour change, the Facebook and Instagram Stories ads we saw astonished us with their authenticity and raw power. We look forward to showcasing the winning campaign across Instagram in 2021. And, of course, celebrating 10 years of Instagram with the creative industry.’ 

Preetesh Sewraj, CEO of the Loerie Awards added, ‘The future of the world lies in the hands of young people and through encouraging them to deepen their curiosity and sharpen their problem-solving skills, we go a long way in improving creativity and innovation.’

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

Being the official education partner of the Loeries is a progressive step in expanding the school’s powerful legacy of building relationships with industry leaders to ensure students get exposure to the ‘real’ world. The partnership provides an incredible opportunity to celebrate the shared respect for excellence in creative thinking, emotional intelligence and making a meaningful difference.

The purpose of the Loeries is defined as ‘It’s more than an award. It’s about doing something. Something big. Something that makes a real difference. Challenging the world. Changing it – from bitter to better, less trending and more mending. Flipping the likes and fixing the dislikes. It’s about making work that doesn’t count views, it changes them.’

The intention of the campaign – launched in Loeries Creative Week – is to pay tribute to the school’s legendary founders by opening up further opportunities for talented humans to reap the benefits of education and build successful careers in the creative industry:

2 full-time Tuition Scholarships for:

One previously disadvantaged student  – the Red & Yellow Brian Searle-Tripp Scholarship, in conjunction with the Loeries.

One female student – the Red & Yellow Bob Rightford Scholarship, in conjunction with the Loeries.

3 sponsored Red & Yellow online courses (in recognition of the 3 founders).

20 Honoris Skills Certificates for students – chosen by the Loeries  – designed to help improve employability prospects.

50 student tickets give-aways to Loeries Creative Week for current and prospective students, providing valuable access to the biggest gathering of creative minds.

Awards boost careers/recognition earns respect

Awards ceremonies like the Loeries are immensely valuable as public affirmations of talent, creative thinking and hard work. Particularly for students, as it helps them stand out from their peers when entering the brutal job market. While they should never detract from the hard work required to equip the next generation with all the necessary skills and knowledge, they definitely play a significant role in reassuring educators that they are on the right track, and give finalists and award-winning students a boost of confidence and a point of difference.

Carmen Schaefer, Red & Yellow’s Head of Full-Time Education said, ‘We’re particularly proud that our finalists come from diverse backgrounds and different programmes, and that the nominated work spans four different languages and numerous award categories. This is evidence that all our programmes are delivering a high level of quality education and that our students are being prepared to take on the corporate world in a variety of sectors. But what I’m most proud of is the determination and hard work of all our students who refused to let the challenges of 2020 get them down. They inspire my colleagues and I on a daily basis.’