ComQi Release Content Management Solution For Digital Signage

ComQi Release Content Management Solution For Digital Signage

ComQi Inc has launched an OnSite toolset for its EnGage content management solution, which allows offices and shops to update content on digital signage and maintain centralised control on scheduling and content design.

Centre offices can assign and permit local managers and staff to update specific content pieces on chosen displays without the updates clashing with the design principles such as logo, colour and font choices.

The platform has an approval process that notifies managers of messages that need to be reviewed before being placed on the displays. ‘When we speak with brands about local messaging, whether that’s in retail, food services, health care or corporate, we hear how they all want to enable more messaging at the local level, without having to worry about things like brand continuity,’ said Josh Nagy, director of product management, ComQi.

‘We developed OnSite to specifically meet that need. Companies can get gorgeous templates designed that stay right on brand, control the frequency, timing and scheduling of content, and give local offices the ability to update them. When you have an approvals process in place, no one’s developing heartburn worrying about what’s getting on screens away from the main office.’