Colourworks and Designers Ink Merge For Better Brand Engagement

Colourworks and Designers Ink Merge For Better Brand Engagement

CWDi is the result of a merger between Colourworks and Designers Ink. The newly formed powerhouse rings in a new approach to developing brand engagement. Their mission is to create compelling brand stories that inspire curiosity.  Their belief is that once curiosity is piqued, the obvious response is to look for more information. This results in an engaged audience.

The exciting merger now brings about a brand-new for CWDi, which tells the story of how the two agencies became one and includes its very own narrative on its brand positioning. CWDi also has an ‘insights’ section on its website where the company shares hot industry topics. For brands intent on creating stories that stimulate curiosity, the insights section will offer key thoughts on how their forward-thinking approach to brand storytelling can create endless opportunities for brands.

Steve Jobs once said, ‘The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.’
Businesses need to move away from the instant gratification ‘we want it all and we want it now’ approach to marketing. Instead, creating richer, more engaging connections results in brand believers that will eventually become loyal brand activists. Their narratives create a curiosity inspired mental itch – the only way that consumers can scratch that itch is to actively find out more and more about the brands that they are falling in love with.