Cherry Apple Media Invests In Energy Saving P10 Pro Billboard From Excel LED


Cherry Apple Media, which specialises in advertising, marketing, indoor and outdoor advertising and more, have invested in the Excel LED P10 Pro Billboard.

The billboard has a high brightness design, 8000nits and can be clearly seen anytime, even when there is strong sunshine. ‘The Energy saving design LED billboard screen consumes lower power than other designs. The average power consumption per square metre is 130W/h. This billboard is 3m x 8m and runs 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Other LED screens consume over 120,560kW, while Excel LED B10 Pro consumes around 52,242kW, which saves users more than 50%,’ said Eugene Dacache, Head of Operations at Excel LED SA branch.

Left to right: Ziyad Beg (Cherry Apple Media), Eugene Dacache (Excel LED), Zain Beg (Cherry Apple Media) and Priscilla Beg (Cherry Apple Media).

Zain Beg, Managing Member at Cherry Apple Media said, ’We had met Dacache at the previous Modern Marketing Expo, and he showed us the difference in cabinets. This high quality billboard really gives us good service. We chose to have this billboard at a prime location – on the M1 North highway, and therefore the possibilities are endless. It really has good visibility from a distance.’

‘This billboard is a great investment for the company and its clients,’ added Priscilla Beg, Managing Member, Cherry Apple Media.