Agencies Are Pivoting To Digital

Industry Interview_ Desiree Gullan On Why CRM And Targeting Individuals, Not Audiences, Are Advertising Essentials
Desirée Gullan, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital.

Desirée Gullan, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital, discusses how digital came to the rescue when the pandemic struck. The scale of disruption during the Covid-19 pandemic has forced communications agencies globally to rethink their strategies, which, for many, has meant a radical pivot to be more digital.

Desirée Gullan, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital.

Important insights when pivoting to digital

Consumers are making more purchases through social than before

A poll by Clickz, a digital research agency, found that more consumers’ decisions have been swayed by social media ads during Covid-19. These are their findings:

Brands are the voice of reason in preparing for normalcy

Brands hold significant influence, as consumers start looking for guidance on how to approach the new future. This presents a wonderful opportunity for brands to reframe marketing messages that positively impact their target market. According to a poll by Smartly, one-third of consumers want brands to share relevant messaging that is useful during Covid-19.

Furthermore, 4 in 10 consumers believe brands should advertise products that are relevant to the current lockdown lifestyle. These insights can assist brands and businesses to turn the corner and create meaningful digital experiences for consumers.

Some Covid-19 pivot success stories.

Land Rover’s highly anticipated launch of the Defender had plans to showcase its off-road abilities outdoors at an event with motoring journalists, tastemakers and Land Rover enthusiasts testing the new vehicle. However, due to global lockdowns, this traditional strategy was shifted to an all-inclusive digital experience. This quick-thinking, smart pivot to digital resulted in success and assisted Land Rover in extending their reach to beyond their traditional target market to a younger, digitally savvy audience.

The shift to webinars and online learning platforms also increased as a result of Covid-19.
We have noticed during this time that employees working from home are hungry to learn more and grow on their own terms. Taking learning and training online not only empowers people but also shows that with the right focus, it is possible to make lemonade with lemons the size of a global pandemic.

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