Whaam Concepts Announces Leadership Restructure

Nicholas Curle, new MD of Whaam Concepts.

Whaam Concepts has announced major leadership restructuring with the appointment of Nicholas Curle as the new MD, while outgoing MD and Founder George-Marc Kairuz takes up the Board Chair position.

Curle said, ‘Whaam Concepts has to-date grown extensively under Kairuz’s leadership and I am both honoured and enthused to take up the mantle. We are now looking at an aggressive growth and scaling strategy that will enable Whaam to operate at a global level.’

‘Whaam has seen double-digit growth over the last three years and with the recent acquisition of a Digital Marketing Arm, we can further expand our offering across the Creative Agency and Marketing spectrum,’ Curle added. 

‘I believe companies who are future focussed are the ones that will succeed. I believe that Whaam Concepts in any form, local or global, has the power to redefine our industry,’ said Kairuz. ‘The heart and soul of our business is bringing brands and people together. The Board believes that with Curle’s guidance, the South African team will solidify and build the business as initially envisaged. We will continue to grow the offering and structure – looking to the global markets for depth and best utilisation of resources.’

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