VR Marketing Is The Future Of The Beauty Industry

VR Marketing The Future of Beauty Industry
Image: L’Oreal

According to 2Easy, VR goggles are like a World of Warcraft game – they bring you into a world of magic and limitless adventure. VR marketing is a more immersive pleasure that can now be experienced in the fashion and beauty sector. This lets you go behind the scenes of a cosmetic company and see how things are really happening.

L’Oreal has taken the virtual reality space further by creating the ultimate VR tech currently used for research: the Beauty Lab. Virtual reality seems to be not just a big innovation to the business but serves in making internal decisions according to Hillary Milnes, a senior fashion, luxury and technology reporter.

This technology has been used by Dermablend professionals to test changes in the packaging and merchandising of their goods. In fact, a focus group has been hired to see the differences in terms of stocks, packaging and store layout. This includes giving feedback on the products and monitoring VR space. By acquiring virtual reality, reprinting packaging and set-up can be done with ease.

VR Marketing – an Immerse impact on the brand

As changes can positively create an immense impact on their brand, the store has discovered that the process of rebranding on its Ulta unit has reached has taken about three months and it would likely have taken eight months without the VR demonstration. The implementation of this technology is helpful finding valuable insights for every cosmetic company.

VR investing does not just saves time and effort in rebranding, remerchandising and repackaging of goods but also creates a significant investment in the future of both bigger companies and individual retail sectors. NYX for example allows shoppers to scan products on their Smartphones. Buyers can create an account with their skin type and product preference options and individualised recommendations will pop up. Suggestions and customisations will also add to customer experiences.

Because the profile has set up, it is easy for shoppers to find which product is a good match. They don’t need to jot down a long list of details because all they need to do is to scan the cosmetics they are interested in, apply it virtually, and if they get the correct match, their phone beeps.

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