Trend Forward Launches Interactive Virtual Retail Showrooms

Trend Forward Releases Interactive Virtual Retail Showrooms
Cobra virtual showroom by Trend Forward.

Trend Forward has created realistic 3D environments that can be viewed on any device and even by using VR goggles. These environments are fully interactive as clients journey their way through a world that can take on any look and feel. This enables clients to have no design restrictions such as those that they would potentially experience with the creation of a physical store or showroom.

The viewer is greeted with different music in specific areas as well as video content, PDF’s and whatever else is required to make the journey memorable, resulting in the user returning time and time again as the content is updated and changed.

The pandemic affected every single business in one way or another but, amidst this hardship, opportunities arose for those who were able to look at things differently and innovate. One such company did exactly that and has just produced one of the world’s largest virtual retail showrooms.

The entire experience was a visual feast and, although it resembled a real exhibition, it was all created in 2D. During the process it became evident that more and more people were becoming comfortable with doing business on the internet as well as actually purchasing items and, of course, even attending events and conferences.

Through the process of research, creating and learning, the company realised that although brick and mortar retail will never die, the dynamics are changing. Retail stores are getting smaller and online retail is generally boring.

The demo platform struck a lot of interest. Cobra jumped at the opportunity and decided to go as big as they possibly could and to align the new technology with their re-brand. The result is one of the biggest virtual showrooms – in fact, it is a series of showrooms.

These showrooms include one that has been designed primarily for consumers with the aim of not only highlighting products, but being an inspiration for homeowners by having the latest bathroom trends on show. There is a shower experience, which combines beautiful environments with leading-edge designer shower heads and mixers.

There is also a technical showroom designed for the trade, packed with information and training videos, and highlighting installation techniques as well as technical data in the form of downloadable PDF’s.

The professional showroom is aimed at architects and interior designers and shows Cobra products in environments that include public bathrooms, a hospital, a school, a hotel room and even a jail. All 3D models are available as downloads in a variety of formats, making specification a breeze. This is a real game-changer for the retail industry and another level of immersive digital experience.