Transit Ads Releases TransitGo Community Insights Solution


TransitGo is an insights community developed by Transit Ads in partnership with Opinion Solutions, a mobile research company that provides consumer-centric mobile research services and engagement platforms that consumers can relate to. 

Transit Ads put its time behind closed doors during the nationwide lockdown to good use and developed the new product, that can provide brands with regular insights directly from their targeted consumers. TransitGo is the first of its kind in South Africa and taps into the country’s diverse commuter market, with a focus on using simple research techniques to gather valuable insight from commuters in key commuter nodes around the country.

TransitGo is an effective research solution that is now able to deliver tangible results and insight for brands and will greatly enhance our understanding of this very important consumer segment.

It also provides consumers with a platform on which to express their opinions on the advertising they are exposed to, whilst embracing a more consumer-centric marketing approach. All of this through a series of panels, with a minimum of 1000 commuters on each panel at any given time. Surveys are released once a week and commuters are incentivised for their time.

Survey topics include questions on a vast range of industries and behaviours, including shopping habits, shopping behaviours, brand recognition, effectiveness of transit media platforms and more. Further to that, questions can be altered almost instantaneously, providing brands and advertisers with even more granular detail pre, during and post-campaign.

‘Research is such an important marketing tool, as it has the ability to inform and direct a campaign, particularly if you’re gathering first-hand insight from your target audience,’ said Shamy Naidu, Transit Ads Executive. ‘For example, research conducted prior to the start of a campaign can deliver findings that result in the adjustment of campaign messaging, with a more tailored approach focused on the commuter segment in question. Very simply, Transit Go is a highly-effective research tool that is all about determining exactly what your target audience wants to see and hear.’

‘We are creating an opportunity to gain insights into the commuter market that cannot be done anywhere else,’ said Naidu. ‘Not only can we test the effectiveness of an ad on Transit TV, for example, but we can now also do research into what time of the month/day is best to play a certain ad for it to resonate more with commuters. By conducting research over an extended period of time, we can also start identifying key trends within the commuter market.’


Insights need not only be based on extended or continuous research studies but can also take the form of dipstick research when the need arises. By way of example, a TransitGo sample study around behaviour during the Covid-19 pandemic delivered some interesting results (shown below).

‘Now more than ever, commuters are digitally savvy and as a result enjoy increased levels of convenience, simplicity and knowledge. Engagement with them today is on their terms. They want to co-create, share their opinions about a product and service, and more so than ever, they expect to be heard, so research and gathering feedback from them must evolve,’ said Tanya Tonder, Managing Director of Opinion Solutions.