Tractor Outdoor Provides Out-Of-Home Media Exposure To NGOs


Tractor Outdoor collaborated with Be A Better Human, Pad Princess and Kindness Like Confetti to celebrate Women’s Month in August and to share support and awareness around period poverty among South African girls.

Lizelle McConnell, head of sales at Tractor Outdoor, said, ‘Supporting women in business is very close to my heart, especially shedding light on all the struggles women face in South Africa and spreading the word about how we can alleviate this. Tractor and Be A Better Human met to see what could be done in order to raise awareness and I am impressed with the impeccable work Pad Princess is doing to provide and distribute sanitary products to keep girls in school. Assisting these NGOs has been such an uplifting experience, and we knew that advertising their message on our roadside digital network would bring attention to the cause and create a lasting impact.’

One in 10 girls in Africa misses a week of school on a monthly basis because they do not have access to sanitary products or because there are not safe and private toilets to use at school. Be A Better Human, a woman-owned start-up, focuses on this matter and the social impact it has on women.

‘Working with Tractor Outdoor has just been such a pleasure. Firstly, I really love the way that Tractor sees that it is hard for girls to finish school and take their place among the business leaders and entrepreneurs of the world if they are missing one week of school a month, and by working together to address this issue we can create the leaders of the future. Secondly, they are providing fantastic Out-of-Home (OOH) media exposure for us at Be A Better Human. BABH is not only proudly African, 100% woman-owned and run, but is raising awareness and funds for a multitude of causes,’ said Sally Acton, MD at Be A Better Human.

‘Thank you McConnell and all at Tractor Outdoor. Your values are more than words on a wall, they are actions and they have a massive impact. It is a privilege to work with you, you are good human beings,’ Acton added. The artwork design for the campaign was done by Yana Valtchanova and Jannine Purkiss from the Y&V Agency.

Women’s Month is highlighted as a pivotal month in South Africa and is used as a platform to voice many ongoing concerns about what women and children face each day, but despite women’s month now being over, we should all continue to support and uplift women in South Africa.

Be a Better Human

The organisation provides topical, cause-driven micro e-learning classes that do more than educate – a portion of each course fee goes to the linked charity to support them in their work and a portion goes to the course creator, to stimulate job creation.

Pad Princess

The Pad Princess is Kindness Like Confetti’s flagship project. It collects and distributes all types of sanitary products with the aim of keeping girls in school.

Kindness Like Confetti

The organisation addresses the most recurring problems faced by local communities, such as the shortage of food; child care assistance, reprieve from the cold in winter; trauma relief; and equal treatment of women. Their goal is to provide assistance in these areas and significantly improve the quality of life and sense of hope in communities.