The Social Craft Agency Connecting Africa To Real Opportunity Through The Digital Space

The Social Craft Connecting Africa To Real Opportunity Through Digital Space

Samantha Coom has launched The Social Craft digital agency, partnering with Turn Left Media (LinkedIn’s official partner in South Africa). Coom is following her passion for connecting Africa to real opportunity through the digital space.

Coom, who is passionate about technology, media and branding, together with Turn Left Media, are injecting passion, expertise and skills development into the digital marketing space across Africa, the Middle East and Mediterranean countries.

Coom said, ‘While Covid-19 turned 2020 into a whirlwind for many of us, it gave me the push I needed to follow my passion to keep connecting Africa to opportunity through digital transformation.’

The partnership between Turn Left Media and The Social Craft now brings a unique blend of skills in digital marketing, employer branding development and media strategy to the African HR, digital and marketing industry. The agency, based in Ireland, allows for closer collaboration with the LinkedIn team and also plans to expand to digitally transform corporate and employer brands in the Middle East, Turkey, Israel, Malta and Greece.

The Social Craft will develop and curate employer and corporate brands, enhance their digital experience and amplify them with strategic media channels; building digital campaigns for optimal performance and turning social into sale across digital and social media platforms like LinkedIn to create brand stories that sell. 

Marius Greeff, Founder and Director of Turn Left Media said, ‘Covid-19 has amplified the changes occurring in the world of work, and the way companies, their customers and current and future employees engage. The path to digital has accelerated, and it’s critical now for brands to understand the potential that online channels give them to tell their special and unique brand stories.’

Together, these two digital businesses will now offer one integrated digital branding service across all three key marketing segments – B2B, B2E and B2C, to support businesses focusing and embarking on transforming their total digital brand portfolio. They are excited to bring a female, millennial and brand-centric strategy to the digital game.

Greeff explained, ‘The partnership is particularly powerful as it enables us to support a complete digital brand portfolio for both local and international companies.’

Coom concluded, ‘We believe every brand has a unique design, texture, colour and pattern, much like a thumbprint. We’re so excited to enable brands to digitally create stories that sell and turn social into sale.’