The Riverbed Agency Takes Home 12 PRISMS


The Riverbed Agency has won 12 PRISM Awards, including the South African Campaign of the Year Award 2020 for the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education’s underage drinking campaign.

Riverbed’s performance earned it recognition as the first 100% black female-owned agency to lead the PRISM scoreboard. Riverbed worked with in launching a national awareness campaign to tackle the problem of underage drinking by developing an integrated campaign that included a television commercial, radio, digital and PR. The campaign exceeded all its performance metrics, putting underage drinking on the national agenda for the first time.

‘Our vision of becoming South Africa’s leading creative agency is built on moments like this,’ said CEO and founder of Riverbed, Monalisa Sibongile Zwambila. ‘It is humbling and rewarding to be recognised for our great work, and our success at the PRISMs is testimony to the dedication that has gone into creating a unique proposition for our clients, founded on our integrated capability to deliver on whole-idea solutions.’ 

‘We’re especially excited to have won South African Campaign of the Year, which was the result of a massive collaborative effort from the Riverbed team across various disciplines, harnessing the unique strengths of digital, creative and PR around a central insight,’ said executive creative director at Riverbed, Bridget Johnson. ‘The success of the campaign is also a result of the bravery of our client Ingrid Louw, chief executive at, who made bold choices that enabled the creation of thoughtful social impact work.’

Riverbed also won several awards for its work on Nedbank’s Money Secrets campaign, which explores South Africans’ emotional relationship with money and helps them make a positive change when making financial decisions.

‘While winning South African Campaign of the Year is a huge achievement for Riverbed, winning 12 awards across different categories makes it even more special,’ Zwambila said. ‘This milestone represents the culmination of years of hard work in building a purpose-led agency. More importantly, this is a win for transformation, with Riverbed as a black female-owned agency being the biggest winner on the day. The number of awards received by black agencies this year has increased significantly, showing the value of diversity and the great work coming from black agencies.’

Zwambila concluded, ‘These awards set in motion the realisation of our ambition to become a leader in our sector and, more importantly, positions us favourably against the best in the industry.’

Riverbed won the following awards at the 2020 PRISMs:

– SA Campaign of the Year Overall winner for Underage Drinking.
– Digital Media Relations Gold for Underage Drinking.
– Digital Media Relations Silver for Nedbank Money Secrets.
– Financial Services Silver for Nedbank Money Secrets.
– Influencer Management Bronze for Underage Drinking.
– Influencer Management Silver for Nedbank Money Secrets.
– Integration of Traditional and New Media Silver for Underage Drinking.
– Launch of a New Product, Service for category Silver for Underage Drinking.
– Media Relations Bronze for Nedbank Money Secrets.
– NGO Campaign Gold for Underage Drinking.
– Reputation and Brand Management Silver for Nedbank Money Secrets.
– Social Media as the Primary Communication Tool Bronze for Underage Drinking.