The Challenges And Opportunities Of Advertising In Africa

The Challenges And Opportunities Of Advertising In Africa

Mark Knocker, Managing Director of Marnox Media, says there are huge audiences to reach and increased sales to be achieved in Africa. But with unique opportunities come unique challenges. So, the first step is finding the right partner with unrivalled knowledge of the media landscape.

According to the Financial Mail, 60% of Africans are under the age of 25, and the continent is home to the world’s fastest-growing middle class. As the population expands, so is digitisation, with more than half of Sub-Saharan Africa set to be connected on mobile by 2025.

Think local, especially if you’re global

Marketers have tried to copy and paste international campaigns in Africa without success. At best, they don’t connect with their market. At worst, they are even offensive.

Of course, successful campaigns tailor their messaging, but we must remember that it’s also about your chosen channels. The medium is just as important as the message.

Some of the challenges that marketers or business owners face when trying to advertise in Africa include a lack of trust. For example, how do you know that your ad ran? Or how do you know who that radio station or newspaper actually reaches?

Often, people are also unsure whether the media rates they’re offered are fair. Nothing beats research and on-the-ground knowledge, so you need partners who know the African media landscape. Who can recommend the right media to ensure that it will provide proof of execution, an idea of reasonable rates and research-based insights.

It’s who (and what) you know

It’s all about people and insights. It always comes down to having dependable, reliable relationships with the right people. Whilst having the experience to ensure you are getting value for your money.

This is a fast-moving industry, and you need to make sure you can trust that you will get a quick turnaround. Partnering with media agencies who have this knowledge, experience and relationships, who can offer a fresh and unbiased perspective on the media landscape of a country and which platforms your brand should use to achieve your goals, is imperative.