The Brand Thread Changes To Molaetsa Communications And Marketing

The Brand Thread Changes To Molaetsa Communications And Marketing

Just a few months after celebrating the company’s one year anniversary, The Brand Thread has announced a name change to Molaetsa Communications and Marketing. Molaetsa is a 100% black women-owned brand communications agency that was founded by Tshepiso Seopa and Zoe Mahopo.

As the company CEO, Seopa has used her expertise in the media and PR space to shape the company’s vision. Her extensive experience of working with influential brands in various industries has been an invaluable asset when it comes to building the team. The company’s leadership is further anchored by Mahopo’s passion for entrepreneurship and crafting impactful narratives. The word Molaetsa means message in Setswana, which captures their commitment to helping brands tell their story in a powerful way.

During the past 18 months, they have had the honour of serving great brands such as Foonda, Wesolve4X, and Women in Physics in South Africa, Yellow Owl, LM Holdings, Rocky Park Farming Group and Dear Bella sanitary pads, amongst others.

‘We do not see this as the beginning of a completely new journey, but it represents another chapter of the story we began crafting in May 2020 when our agency was founded. As Molaesta, we look forward to doing more amazing work. We believe that brands should not rely only on fancy tag lines to get their message across, but they should embrace the idea of making real impact in the lives of the people they seek to serve,’ said the founders.

‘Molaetsa is not just an agency, we are a company that helps clients to identify their brand narrative and preserve the integrity of their image. We stand for business excellence and our work is driven by innovative thinking, creativity, as well as a willingness to push boundaries.’

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