Silicon Core Releases 3D LED Wall

Silicon Core Releases 3D LED Wall

The 4K 3D LED wall from Silicon Core Technology allows clients to use 3D active glasses to visualise their products on the 220-inch fine pixel pitch display.

The 4K 3D LED display at Fujita’s technology centre in Tokyo offered refresh rates of more than 120 Hertz per second, as well as flicker-free 3D images and 200 nits of brightness. SiliconCore uses its patented Common Cathode Technology to dissipate heat without a fan.

Yoshinori Kumita, operating officer and general manager of technology development division, Fujita said, ‘We needed a display that could showcase content in both 2D and 3D, without a complicated setup for our employees. Due to Silicon Core’s incredibly high refresh rates and HDR technology, the display produces incredible reproduction and image clarity. This ensures that the fine details shown in the content will not be missed. Silicon Core’s own technology also offers advanced features such as high brightness and power efficiency, which assures us we’ve invested in a high-quality and long-term product.’